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Heat exhaustion?

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Darksideofthemoon19 Sun 30-Jun-19 01:12:35

Dd11 has been playing out most of the day and probably hasn’t drank enough. She’s woke up being sick 😩 and a headache. What can I do for her? X

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managedmis Sun 30-Jun-19 01:17:14

Fluids obviously

howdyalikemenow Sun 30-Jun-19 01:17:41

Plenty of fluids, paracetamol try to keep her temp down and keep more of an eye on her. It's 31 degrees where I live - I hope she was wearing sunscreen.

Darksideofthemoon19 Sun 30-Jun-19 01:35:01

She was indeed. She’s having fluids. But she’s just dry heaving poor baby. She’s actually asked me to make her a bed in the bathroom 😩

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managedmis Sun 30-Jun-19 01:37:21

Keep her awake.

Wait half an hour then try water. Cool shower maybe?

Does she have a temperature? Sweating?

Nogodsnomasters Sun 30-Jun-19 09:41:19

Does she feel extremely thirsty, is she sweaty/clammy, dizzy etc? If not then it may just be a stomach bug and unrelated to the sun. Sip of water every 10 minutes for her, literally keep an eye on the time and do it that frequently.

Darksideofthemoon19 Sun 30-Jun-19 11:06:12

She’s been really sweaty. She was throwing up until 6 and seems absolutely fine now

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Nogodsnomasters Sun 30-Jun-19 11:19:17

I'm glad she's better op

Zippetydoodahzippetyay Sun 30-Jun-19 13:46:09

I'm from Australia so not sure if you would have the same products but we have something called hydralyte which is fantastic for dehydration. Replaces the minerals, electrolytes etc that are lost. You can get it in liquid form or in icy poles. We always have the icy poles in our freezer during summer. Better than water alone when it's super hot or you're struggling to get enough fluids (I had them a lot when I was sick during pregnancy). Glad to hear your daughter is better now, but might be worth looking into for future as sounds like you guys are having a hotter than normal summer.

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