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Dental treatment likely to cost thousand of pounds.

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Gargamel1975 Sat 29-Jun-19 15:14:12

I have severe dentist phobia, for this reason I haven’t been to the dentist often. I have cavities, lots of missing teeth, eroded teeth..I’m likely to get a denture. He said that I pay on finance, but worry he’ll ask £500 every month - anyone has been in my shoes ? I’m so complexed by my teeth that I know it’s the right thing to do just so worried I won’t be able to afford it.

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SapatSea Sat 29-Jun-19 15:40:21

Go and see an NHS dentist search here:

If you pay for nhs treatment then they can do it all in one treatment package with a two hundred and sixty five pound fifty limit (for band 3, root canals, crowns, dentures etc) or it will be free if you are entitled to that.You can also ask for an NHS referral to an IV sedation clinic if your phobia is bad and you want that or the dentist might advise you to see your GP to get some diazepam or similar to take to calm you down to have the work done.

Good luck

Saucery Sat 29-Jun-19 15:44:41

If it’s a private dentist they should have a list of treatments and prices. The receptionist/practice manager should be able to talk you through the various options for payment if you have had a consultation with the dentist and they have suggested possible treatments. With a dental phobia it might be helpful to talk about the financial side separately anyway - I know I find it difficult to focus on what the dentist is saying about even the simplest treatment. They never mind me clarifying it later.

Gargamel1975 Sat 29-Jun-19 15:52:20

Thank you for your post ! The dentist is private, I had to leave the nhs as I was never seeing the same dentist for each visit.

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dottiedodah Sat 29-Jun-19 16:26:02

I sympathise with you here ,I was terrified of going for years, due to a bad experience as a child .However have a new NHS dentist now ,and they couldnt be better TBH. IV sedation is great !.You should be able to see the same dentist .My dentist has changed a few times but all have been excellent in my opinion.(Sometimes they leave possibly to go private I dont know)

Saucery Sat 29-Jun-19 16:45:31

They might have the list of prices on their website, which will give you a rough idea. So, a set price for the denture, another one for treatments to existing teeth...all usually payable as you have that treatment, so it’s naturally spread out and not a huge amount all at once.

lljkk Sat 29-Jun-19 17:58:50

that kind of price, you should shop around & decide who you like best, want to have an ongoing relationship with.

Gargamel1975 Sat 29-Jun-19 18:42:43

I really really liked the dentist but yes the fees are massive - it’s going to cost a bomb - I already see myself having 10 k plus to pay sad I’m going to carry on shopping around

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lhastingsmua Sat 29-Jun-19 22:27:56

If you can’t afford private dentistry then stick to the NHS, even if that means you see a different dentist each visit

FlamingoFlamenco Sat 29-Jun-19 22:47:06

How about you go see your GP and ask if he can refer to you to a dental clinic in hospital?

Gargamel1975 Sat 29-Jun-19 23:00:52

Dental clinic in hospital ?? I didn’t know it existed ! Will check that out.

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EAIOU Sat 29-Jun-19 23:01:38

Student dentists could be an option?

tabulahrasa Sat 29-Jun-19 23:08:28

I’m going to say I’m in Scotland in case it’s different, but I’ve just had to have a tooth at as I had an abscess as an emergency patient as I’m not registered.

Apparently there’s an anxiety service, if I register at an NHS dentist and tell them I have a phobia they can refer me on to that service and they can do things like CBT, sedation and generals to sort my teeth out.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sun 30-Jun-19 00:50:40

Out of interest, I just looked at my dentist’s website, and full dentures are “from” £525. I had a £££ root canal done with a private specialist last year, and they offered 0% interest finance over 12 months - my mum lent me the money but if she hadn’t I would have taken that option.

I think £500 a month sounds extortionate, even if every tooth in your mouth needs treatment, but you should have signed and been given a treatment plan. My surgery print it off and it has a drawing of all the teeth then says something along the lines of “UR6 - amalgam filling - £xx” - did you not get this? It should tell you all the treatment you need, which teeth, and how much each bit will cost.

Gargamel1975 Sun 30-Jun-19 07:10:01

Student dentist is definitely not an option 😰 . I’d be too scared !

I’m getting the plan in 2 weeks time when I go back there. He took a lots radio, pictures, he said for some of the work I need he will need to refer me to a specialist

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nameychange Sun 30-Jun-19 07:14:58

Student dentist might be good. You’ll see the same one or possibly a couple if you need specialist treatment as there are student ones of those too. All the work is checked and double checked by consultants and clinical lecturers. Plus dental hospitals are used to more anxious patients. Worth looking into. Also NHS.

Gargamel1975 Sun 30-Jun-19 08:07:03

I will look into it - like the sound they are used to anxious patients

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Owltowel Sun 30-Jun-19 21:38:48

Hey Gargamel,

I'm a dentist and I actually signed up because a post about whitening came on up on Google feed and it had some good and bad advice on it.. I felt the need to contribute in that post but came across yours!

I understand you are anxious but I am glad that you have managed to have a consultation with a dentist.

It seems like you have yet to receive a treatment plan. Hopefully the treatment fee will be affordable to you. Most dental practices have finance options with 0% interest so you can spread the cost over a year or more.

There are NHS options available also - it may be that you are referred to a community dental clinic where they can provide sedation and basic treatment. However the secondary and tertiary dental services are oversubscribed and you may be waiting for several months.

Someone mentioned student clinics - this is another option available to you but usually a referral will need to be made through a NHS dentist. Usually you will be assessed by a consultant who will determine your suitability for student treatment. If you wish to go through this route, you will need to be available at regular times and accept that treatment that may take a qualified dentist a few minutes will take up a whole morning or an afternoon.

If I were in your shoes, I'd have a look at what your current dentist is offering and if it is way out of budget, consider registering with an NHS dentist with a view of being referred to the community dental service.

Gargamel1975 Mon 01-Jul-19 07:48:30

@Owltowel thank you so much for your advice, it’s very helpful as for everybody’s else advices too. I have terrible needle phobia due to a dentist trying to inject straight into a very painful 12 years ago...I’m not sure a student would be as gentle as a dentist with years of experience ? I’m happy to be told i’m Wrong. As for the community dentist, i’m Going to look into it, never heard of such service. Thank you so much all for taking the time to help me !

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stucknoue Mon 01-Jul-19 08:14:18

Get an nhs dentist, the amount you pay is capped, or go to a dental school free clinic

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