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Throat pain only on one side no other symptoms

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BeaZK Sat 29-Jun-19 09:53:17

Hi, so I will start by saying I suffer with extreme health anxiety but only when I actually develop an unexplained symptom.

Over the past month I have felt something different behind my left ear - can’t say it’s a lump as just feels like it is bigger than the right side when I touch (doctors don’t seem to feel it so I think it’s more noticeable to my touch because I can actually FEEL it if that makes sense). I’ve been ignored it as had no issues otherwise.

However two weeks ago I started feeling like there was something on the left side of my throat when I swallowed - again no pain or other symptoms.

This past week I have had on and off pain, food feeling a little like it’s getting stuck, seems to be aggravated by eating or lots of talking. I was given antibiotics even though the doctorS can’t see anything but on day 6 now and no change. There are times when the pain goes but the feeling of something there does not so it’s not constant.

To say I allow myself to get terrified by this is an understatement. Particularly as it’s such a strong feeling and no gp seems concerned because there’s no surface answer. That makes me panic more. I don’t know what posting this will achieve as I’ve researched to death but hoping someone may have had the same x

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