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I have AT LAST found a cure for my miserable monthlys!

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sparkler Thu 26-Jul-07 16:00:38

Dissolvable Solpadeine.
Have suffered many years of painful, heavy periods. One of my work colleagues asked me if I'd tried it, I hadn't. But I always stock some now ready. Foul to drink but in less than 30 minutes the pain completely goes.
Just wanted to share - cos I know how horrid it is.

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 16:01:50

work on migraines if you get their quick enough too, the are fab <<also suspect that foul taste helps you forget the pain for 5 mins until it starts to work>>

mustrunmore Thu 26-Jul-07 16:11:54

Oh I read the tiitle and was hoping for some weird concoction, like gravy powder dissolved in apple jiuce with a pinch of dried slug

NAB3 Thu 26-Jul-07 16:13:52

Agnus castus is fab too.

sparkler Thu 26-Jul-07 16:14:25

sorry mustrun - yours sounds much more interesting though. Let me know if it works and I'll give it a go.

mustrunmore Thu 26-Jul-07 16:17:13

Well, having 2 kids seems to have been the cure for me I remember how horrendous it used to be though.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 26-Jul-07 16:42:27


Think your friend actually gave you some duff advice.

Please, please be careful, this painkiller can have addictive side effects. I am not suggesting you will definately have a problem with solpadeine but this is very powerful stuff and does get misused. Its certainly not to be used long term and is actually one of the most misused painkillers on the market.

If you have heavy and painful periods such measures will only offer short term relief at best. You may well find that over time you will need to take more of them to have the same effect.

I would advise that you seek the help of a gynae to determine the exact cause of your heavy and painful periods. Your GP should refer you to such a person. BTW endometriosis and fibroids are often causes of painful periods and heaviness.

Do not wish to come over all worrisome and not everyone will develop a dependence but my friend made a bad mistake in trying to control her painful periods with pills and ended up physically dependent on them. It took her several months and a lot of outside help to wean herself completely off them.

sparkler Thu 26-Jul-07 16:50:26

Thanks Attilla. I don't take them every day. I seem to get one or two days of very bad pain so only take them two or three times. Have had one dose this morning, will have another in a moment. May be enough then until my next period. Don't worry I'm in control but thanks for your kind thought and helpful advice.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 26-Jul-07 16:57:21

Hi Sparkler,

You're very welcome.

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