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scared about lump found in upper leg.

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threeangels Sun 18-Aug-02 23:38:25

Hi everyone. Have any of you guys ever had to deal with finding a cyst/lump in a leg. I noticed one about 6-9 mo ago in the front of my upper leg. I was to scared to have it checked out so I just tried to ignore it and not think about it. I know this was and is not a smart thing to do. I just got nervous and tried to block it out of my mind. I am getting really concerned because for the past 2 months all day off and on I have been having small aches around the lump and through out my leg mainly the top. My knee on the inside also seems to be swelling and just doesnt look right in shape. I was really crying to my dh that Im horrified that it could be a cancerous cyst. He said maybe it is just a cyst that is building up fluid and is causing discomfort around it and also the sensation in parts of the leg. I thought maybe arthritis but then there wouldnt be a specific lump. I also have a tiny one (pea size) in the other leg same area maybe just an inch away in direction. I know we have lumps in our bodies but you can notice these if you rub especially the one leg. It feels like a nickle size if you press on it. My dh is going to make me an appt asap to have it checked out. I know the nervous feeling because I had a lump in the breast scare 6 years ago. Had complete surgery to remove and test it. Was a benign cyst. Im really scared about this though. Has anyone or know of anyone who had to deal with a cyst somewhat in the same location?

lilibet Sun 18-Aug-02 23:50:20

yes, my friend had a lump in the same spot recently, she described it as being a testicle! It was completely harmless and just had to go thru a lancing (ugh). Please go to the doctors and get it checked out. such a high percentage of lumps turn out to be nothing. You need to put your mind at rest. Let us know how you go on. x

ScummyMummy Sun 18-Aug-02 23:51:24

I don't have any experience of this, threeangels but I'm not surprised you're a bit scared after your breast cancer scare. I think you're right that our bodies can develop all sorts of lumps and bumps that aren't too serious at all but also agree that you should get it checked out just in case. I hope everything will be fine. Please take care and go easy on yourself.

aloha Mon 19-Aug-02 10:01:42

Please go and see your doctor 3angels. Nobody here can advise you on this one. You are already living your life as if you have cancer, whereas the likelihood is that it is just another benign cyst. How could it be worse to know? You honestly owe it to your children to get checked out. The body develops all sorts of lumps and bumps and very, ver few of them ever turn out to be cancer. Also a cancerous lump would tend to grow bigger, from what I understand. Please try not to worry - just get it checked out and let us know how it went.

sobernow Mon 19-Aug-02 11:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

threeangels Mon 19-Aug-02 13:45:01

Thank you so much everyone for your responses. I am very scared but you all have encouraged me to see my doctor.

Aloha - Your are right I do owe it to my children. I have this fear of dying and leaving my kids. I know I do watch to much tv containing storylines like this and it most defanatly does not help. But I will get checked out to ease my mind. You guys are the best.

carogee Mon 19-Aug-02 19:10:29

Message withdrawn

sb34 Mon 19-Aug-02 20:34:31

Message withdrawn

Clarinet60 Mon 19-Aug-02 21:53:43

I also have a lump in the same place. It came 2 weeks after my c-section (14 May this year), so I was convinced it was a clot. The DR took a cursory look and feel, but was unimpressed. I'm still not entirely happy though, and will ask again next time I go to the surgery.
Good luck.

sammac Mon 19-Aug-02 22:24:39

I developed a lump between my breasts after a nasty insect bite which had me worried. I eventually plucked up courage to go to the doctors. It's a skin lump- basically a lump of skin formed under the surface- which is really common, although to get it removed requires a wait of 15 months. PLease go to your gp- it will settle your mind.

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