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Back pain

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Greywillow12 Tue 25-Jun-19 21:24:54

Hi im looking for some advice or just a chat really . I've suffered with a bad back for over 4 years now. Don't really know what the problem is but it flares up when I do basic things like hoovering or lifting etc.

Anyway the past few days it's been horrendous, I can barely walk. Can't lift my one year old. I've been to the doctor and they have prescribed naproxen but it doesn't even take the pain away. And said she would refer for physio.

My dp has taken this week off work thankfully but what if it's not any better by next week. What am I supposed to do ? I'm actually dreading it. I have two children and can't even walk or lift anything.

Should I go back to gp for different pain relief. I'm miserable and it's really starting to affect my mental health I'm in mid twenties and I feel trapped!

Sorry for the rambling needed to get it off my chest 😣

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avocadochocolate Wed 26-Jun-19 12:08:44

What about seeing an osteopath? You might want to ask your GP about this .

To prevent problems in the future, try joining a local Pilates class. Classses in local halls rather then leisure centers are usually better because hall classes are much smaller. Find a clinical Pilates class rather than exercise Pilates.

Ideally you want a class with 12 or less so that the instructor can make sure you are doing each move correctly. It is very important that you do each move properly, so a typical leisure centre class with 40 people won't work.

My instructor took up Pilates due to back trouble and has had no pain since taking it up.

checkmaid Wed 26-Jun-19 16:29:10

If it's got worse quite quickly it might be worth asking to be referred for an MRI (although there's often a bit of a wait for these - I ended up going private last time)

I have back problems (disc issues) and there are times when it's really debilitating so I really feel for you.

When it starts to ease I second the suggestion that you start Pilates to strengthen your core. That was recommended to me by my orthopaedic surgeon after my first big flare up.

cjpark Thu 27-Jun-19 17:25:18

See an Osteopath. You can find a registered Osteopath from the General Osteopathic Council website and typing in your area. You also need to keep as active as possible, try ice or heat packs. Continue taking naproxen but add in paracetamol as well. Pilates is excellent for strengthening your back but its best to wait until this episode has settled.

Greywillow12 Sat 29-Jun-19 20:32:21

Thank you for the advice will look into osteopath. And Pilates .. it still hasn't eased and I'm now adding in cocodomal.

I'm really struggling it's starting to make me feel really down . I'm going to go back to doctor tomorrow see what else they can suggest

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checkmaid Sat 29-Jun-19 21:07:50

Definitely go back to dr and asked to be referred for a scan. If this pain gets a lot worse ring 111 or take a trip to A&E, because it's indicating that there's something wrong that's not getting better on it's own and needs looking into

Elbbob Sun 30-Jun-19 09:07:33

Hi @Greywillow12 just coming by to offer sympathy- I also have long term back pain which has been a lot worse recently, and have a 16mo to look after. I took naproxen last year when I had sciatica but didn't find it that helpful. Are you taking a stomach protector too?
I highly recommend pilates, although you have to find the time to go at least once a week whi h I struggle to do.
If you Google NHS back pain exercises there are some simple exercises you can do - try doing these gently every day.
Do not stay in bed or sit on the sofa for long periods.
I hope you are starting to feel better.

Greywillow12 Mon 01-Jul-19 07:36:10

Thanks again I'm staying as active as I can but the pain is just unbearable 😔 no not taking a for stomach with naproxen wasn't mentioned...I've been trying not to take it as I don't even think it's helping . But don't want to keep taking cocodomal either..AHH this is horrible and sorry for those in the same boat

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