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Dermatitis on hand - help

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Spainintherain Tue 25-Jun-19 14:29:49

If I ever don't wear my marigolds to wash one cup or wash my hands in public using any soap my hand dermatitis flares to sore and red lumps by night! It looks like this and I want to stop using the prescribed steroid for relief. Does anyone know what I can buy to heal it? Child's farm didn't work,

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Geekster1963 Tue 25-Jun-19 15:26:10

A good thick emollient ointment at night under cotton gloves helps my eczema. You can buy it from a pharmacy. Epaderm is a good one and so is emulsifying ointment (which is cheaper). You can use any creams to wash your hands rather than soap. Soap is really bad for dermatitis.

Spainintherain Tue 25-Jun-19 19:34:37

I've never thought to wear gloves. I just thought there could be some wonder lotion to take away the pain

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FlossieTeacakesFurCoat18 Tue 25-Jun-19 19:47:47

Dermol 500 works pretty well for me - you can ask for it in the chemist with no prescription.

Galvantula Tue 25-Jun-19 20:24:46

Once you've got it to clear up with the steroid, a good moisturiser should help.

I use the Aveeno hand cream with the dark blue cap. Mine always get much worse of I forget to moisturise them.

Brassica Thu 27-Jun-19 15:33:12

Try La Roche Posay - either cicaplast baume or Lipikar baume. Both excellent, so soothing.

BatFacedGirl Thu 27-Jun-19 16:58:16

You need to carry on using the steroid cream for a good week or so after it's completely gone. Then switch to an emollient

LoafofSellotape Thu 27-Jun-19 17:00:24

Are you sure that's not pompholyx?

Spainintherain Thu 27-Jun-19 21:41:20

Thanks. I never had it before until one day two years ago I went to clean the bath without my marigolds and I cane out in it. Since then I literally cannot wash a single dish or wash my hands with soap without it flaring by night.

I googled that condition and I don't have blisters, looks awful!

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FaithInfinity Thu 27-Jun-19 21:44:21

I get Dermol prescribed, I use it instead of soap and it stops break outs most of the time. Steroid cream and gloves at night works well.

Spainintherain Thu 27-Jun-19 22:36:24

I just use cetraben to moisturise. Is Dermo stronger?

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Geekster1963 Thu 27-Jun-19 23:14:25

Dermal has antimicrobials in it so helps prevent infection. I've just been prescribed it to help to stop my hands becoming infected.

Use your Cetraben to wash your hands instead of soap.

It doesn't look like Pomphoylx I get pompholyx, see photo

MaudeLynne Thu 27-Jun-19 23:19:13

Once the cream has worked and the red has gone, try the body shop hemp hand cream as a preventative. Wear gloves as much as you can - I try not to touch metal as this triggers, as well as soaps. Just stay away from soap as much as you can.

Spainintherain Fri 28-Jun-19 13:25:04

I didn't know about metal. I will try gloves and using the steroid for two weeks and see if dr will give me Dermol.

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GMtoBe Fri 28-Jun-19 13:27:21

I get this too and I use lansinoh lanolin (nipple cream). It works so well and tends to stay on when you're washing up in a very thin layer to give some protection then you can top it up afterwards. The only issue is the grease stains it leaves if you get it on your clothes.

FaithInfinity Fri 28-Jun-19 13:45:36

It’s worth asking for a dermatology appointment actually, I got my appointment and they did full allergy skin patch testing on me to see if anything specific set me off and then when they prescribed me the dermol.

Spainintherain Fri 28-Jun-19 19:37:54

I think I will ask for dermatology referral

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