Eustachian tube dysfunction-glue ear

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Hopeucanhelp Tue 25-Jun-19 07:49:36

Hi please can you help. I got prescription of mometasone nasal spray from my doctors yesterday. I have had constant ringing in my ears for nearly 2 weeks now and bouts of dizziness. I had a cold for a few days prior to this so try think it’s from that. Seen a nurse practitioner last week who said get Beconase spray but it’s not helped at all so finally got a doctor yesterday who reckons it’s ETD or glue ear. Can I ask is it ok to take sinutab tablets also. I completely forgot to ask him (will check with a pharmacist today) but I have awful headache this morning and eyes feel stuck together so feel I may need sinutab. I’ve never had this before so it’s freakibg me out to be honest. Can’t go to work today and have a 14 my old baby so really need to be better ASAP xx

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Loiis Thu 28-Jan-21 01:05:37

Hi I know this post it’s quite old but I’m suffering from this and all’s I can hear is hisssssssss constantly for days also I have slight pressure it’s only in my right ear making me so depressed x

BusterGonad Thu 28-Jan-21 12:49:05

You need some Flonase/Flixonase nasal spray and sudofed tablets to clear your euston tubes. It's the only things that work for me. At the first sign of a cold I'm straight on sudofed, it stops it messing my ears up.

BusterGonad Thu 28-Jan-21 12:51:21

Also if its only one ear sleep with that ear on the pillow as gravity will help to pull the ear drum down, therefore easing it from its sucked in state.

Mehripoop Tue 23-Feb-21 08:33:48

@Loiis I’ve had this now for 8 months. Did it settle for you? I just got my diagnosis and have been told that if nasal sprays dony work then there’s a procedure to help open the tubes up called ETD dilation or there’s always the option of grommets to drain the tubes...

Loiis Sat 06-Mar-21 13:43:43

@Mehripoop hi sorry I never got back to you
I still have it slightly it’s the hisssssing noise it really gets to me specially when trying to sleep the doctor prescribed me nasal drops it seemed to help a little but it’s still there drives me mad 🤦🏻‍♀️

Mehripoop Mon 08-Mar-21 08:25:51

@Loiis it’s driving me
Potty too. I find it odd to be in silence because I’m constantly wondering what’s that noise but it’s inside my ears 😭


UnplainJane Mon 08-Mar-21 09:42:44

@Mehripoop Sorry to read you are still struggling. I'm starting to accept mine a bit more, or at least not stress about it quite so much! What does yours sound like out of interest?

Mehripoop Mon 08-Mar-21 10:14:13

@UnplainJane mine is due to sinus issues which started to go haywire due to hormones after having a baby. It sounds like an eeee or a hiss. What about you?

Mehripoop Mon 08-Mar-21 10:16:40

@UnplainJane I live on a really quiet road (shocking for inner London) which makes the hissing/ringing really obvious. I have fullness, cracklings and popping in my ears along with awful facial did yours begin

UnplainJane Mon 08-Mar-21 12:28:01

@Mehripoop Not sure how mine began but it's related to jaw/facial nerve issues. Mine has lots of different sounds - in head and both ears. Likes to change quite a lot! Hard to live with but got to carry on.

Mehripoop Mon 08-Mar-21 19:34:10

@UnplainJane ah. I’ve got some weird nerve pains in my head too. God knows what’s happening with us. Can you hear yours with background noise or can it be masked?

UnplainJane Mon 08-Mar-21 20:49:40

@Mehripoop I can mask the noises in my ears quite easily but the high pitched hissing in my head is only masked in the car really, even then I can hear it sometimes! Seems louder in the evening.

Mehripoop Tue 09-Mar-21 12:33:30

Yeah I have that hiss too @UnplainJane. I could hear it outside today!!

HappyThursdays Tue 09-Mar-21 19:43:41

Hi both - I also have this. On my 3rd month of sinusitis - have had 2 courses of antibiotics and of steroids and they've not worked sad. I also have Eustachian tube disorder too and haven't been able to hear anything in my left ear since I got the sinusitis.

I am back to the specialist tomorrow.

Have you been blowing up the balloon? It's called Otovent adult inflation device - you blow it up with your nose 3 times a day. In most cases it clears the blocked Eustachian tubes after a few weeks though sometimes it can take months. I can actually feel it clear then it blocks up again so it's obviously starting to work! The specialists prefer trying this first before opting for surgery!

HappyThursdays Tue 09-Mar-21 19:45:27

Otovent Adult Autoinflation Device - Treatment for Glue Ear Or Otitis Media with Effusion

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 07:09:45

@HappyThursdays it’s awful. I’ve tried the balloon for a few weeks and then gave up. I hate this. My sinuses are so clogged that nothing has worked to break up the mucus- and I doubt il be trying steroids because I have a weak stomach. I need something to be done because I’m back to work after maternity in a few weeks and don’t think I will cope with the sinus headaches as well as the awful ear pressure and aches

HappyThursdays Wed 10-Mar-21 07:16:11

Yes the steroids are dreadful on your stomach. Excuse TMI but they give me terrible runs! Like you, I am desperate and willing to try anything!

The weird thing is that my nose isn't blocked but it's all the passages around that seem to be!

Poor you going back to work soon and still feeling awful. I am desperately hoping today they have another solution but I will let you know. At this rate, I would happily go under an op to get rid of this!

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 08:05:47

@HappyThursdays I know the feeling! My nose isn’t as bad as it can get but like you it seems like my passages are blocked. I saw two private ENTs and they both said I have quite bad inflammation and gave me a damn nasal spray which I’ve been using since October. I’m seeing an NHS ent today and going to beg for grommets or another opinion because my whole family have suffered sinus issues which have only been relieved (or partially for some) through an op. Are you also suffering from fullness and some tinnitus? When I first heard it, I spiralled into a deep depression but now I’m slowly accepting it...

HappyThursdays Wed 10-Mar-21 09:10:40

Yes terrible tinnitus. I've never had it before and it's awful. It also used to really freak me out and make me panic that it would never go away. I'd wake up in the night and panic because it was the loudest then. I can also hear the whooshing of my heart beat. I am also getting more accepting of it now but I need to know it will go away!

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 10:34:40

Well il tell you something that cheered me up abit. My cousin had a baby like me and suffered badly with sinuses (not so much earache) and her ears Would ring and buzz. For two years she was fibbed off mull by ENTs and told its inflammation. However after having a complete meltdown, one ENT told her she has a deviated septum and a few polyps. After the op and a long 3-4 month receiver, she hasn’t looked back! Everything gone. Gives me some hope... @HappyThursdays

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 10:35:05

*fobbed off by

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 10:36:41

Sometimes I feel like I did this to myself after coming home and crying daily due to postnatal anxiety. I feel like I bunged up my sinuses so badly that I messed up my ears.

Mehripoop Wed 10-Mar-21 10:46:01

3/4 month recovery

HappyThursdays Wed 10-Mar-21 10:53:46

oh that does make me feel better that there are people out there who have recovered!

don't blame yourself. Not your fault at all that you have lovely tiny ear passages that get blocked up with mucus! You've said yourself your whole family have sinus issues (as do mine) so it's something that runs in families I am sure.

fingers crossed we both get a new plan of action following our appointments today!

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