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carrottopper Mon 24-Jun-19 20:32:05

I'm really panicking. I think I have health anxiety and now I'm even scared of seeing the GP or optician. I know these symptoms could be all or nothing. I'm terrified it's something serious.

Eye sight has deteriorated. I'm nearly 40 though. Think I need glasses.

My right leg has felt funny for a few weeks on and off. It feels a little bit numb or tingly sometimes around the knee, calf and ankle.

I'm shattered, but work is very tiring and I have two young girls to run around after.

I seem to constantly have ulcers in my mouth.

Could there be a rational reason for these symptoms? Am I over thinking?

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Giraffecantdanse Mon 24-Jun-19 21:38:58

Eye sight starts to go around age 38 so it sound like you're normal, but it also seems that you're stressed and that can cause all the other symptoms. You should definitely go to your GP and get a check up, but don't worry too much.

PenguinsRabbits Tue 25-Jun-19 03:33:39

I wouldn't be overly worried by that. Being tired with 2 kids is normal and eyesight worsening is pretty common too. I would get an eye check at opticians.

Ulcers might be worth getting doctor to look at. The leg thing mine improved with magnesium. Maybe get doctors to run some basic blood tests for iron, vitamins etc. Around that age everyone I know started getting a few minor health issues, it is worth saying to GP but if you just search online you tend to just get anxiety.

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