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Beau lines

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PookieDo Sun 23-Jun-19 21:23:03

I have had some gynae/hormone test results back which shows high prolactin and recommended I see an endocrinologist. It was over 500 and I think normal levels are 100-450 ish, all other hormones totally normal.

I have recurring fibroids and have had a lot of symptoms of PCOS with excess hair growth, acne etc. I don’t have any more doctor info or theories as to what is going on but I have been taking Omeprazole and this can lead to high prolactin levels so I will have to wait and see as I’ve stopped taking this now

But I also have noticed I have some shallow horizontal lines on one big toe and both thumbnails. I think I assumed the toe was nail trauma (it often hurts) and the other nails I used to shellac a lot and also trauma from scraping them. Lines are mid-top of thumb and don’t seem to be growing bumpy from the bottom though. I really don’t want to keep googling. I have no kidney symptoms but have very dry eyes

Does anyone know about thyroid? Would extreme tiredness fit with this too? I’m trying not to worry.

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