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Long shot - anyone had a yag capsulotomy?

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BadKreacher Wed 25-Jul-07 19:37:52

I know this is a real long shot - bit of an explanation for the mystified! A few months ago I had cataract surgery done in each eye. They remove the lens from the capsule its in and replace it with an artificial lens. Sometimes the capsule can then go cloudy at the back making the vision all misty. Thats happened to one of my eyes. So they use a yag laser to cut away a circle in the capsule. The piece that is cut away is left to float about until it drops to the bottom.

Anyway, my question is - has anyone had it done? I'm due to go away a couple of days after and I'm not sure how quick the recovery is - google says its the same day apart from the large floater wafting about. Hearing some real life experiences would be reassuring. Will I be able to save packing etc until saturday or do I have to cram it in before the op?


Roskva Thu 26-Jul-07 18:17:54

Mum had something like that, although I thought they blasted her cloudy replacement lens with a laser. Whatever it was, she was pretty much back to normal within a couple of days.

BadKreacher Thu 26-Jul-07 22:51:11

Thanks Roskva - it sounds similar. I'm glad it didnt taker her long to recover. Its tomorrow - gulp!

Roskva Fri 27-Jul-07 11:31:13

Good luck - I'm sure you'll be fine. Dad had the initial cataract op 3 weeks ago, and took db's kids on holiday 5 days later.

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