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UTI - horrible symptoms. How long to get better?

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MoominMantra Sat 22-Jun-19 20:30:49

I'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant. Started to feel really poorly last week - feeling sick & bloated uncomfortable stomach, feeling dizzy and bladder really hurts.

I went to the doctor and he dipped urine & said it's definitely a UTI. I've been on antibiotics since Thursday night.

Any idea when I might start to feel a bit better? 😩

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MoominMantra Sat 22-Jun-19 21:19:19


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PenguinsRabbits Sun 23-Jun-19 00:47:49

Normally 48 hours for me so soon hopefully. If not better after antibiotics go back.

MoominMantra Sun 23-Jun-19 09:56:16

Thanks. It's really horrible - I had no idea how much they can affect everything.

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smilingElizabeth Sun 23-Jun-19 09:58:15

Hope you feel better soon. I had one last week and it's horrible. I drank loads of water no alcohol or fizzy drinks or caffeine and I think that helped as well.

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