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Poorly after MMR

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Missmopfromcalifornia Fri 21-Jun-19 16:41:40

My dd had her Mmr 10 days ago. I knew she’d probably have some sort of reaction to it as she has to all her jabs so far. She’s been pretty much off her food ever since, on day 6 and 7 her temp rocketed and she struggled to sleep at all - kept waking up screaming, the day before yesterday she developed the rash and she’s pretty much now just sleeping and breastfeeding when she’s not crying/fighting to get comfy on me. It’s like she’s had a complete personality change, has gone really quiet, not as smiley etc. I have been giving calpol when needed. But the temp has now gone thankfully.

Can someone just reassure me that this is normal for after the mmr. And how long it’s likely to last. I’m not especially worried to the point she needs to see a GP and she has been to nursery etc as normal after a day or two off with the high temp. I was told to expect some fussiness and side effects but I think as my eldest sailed through them all this has been a bit of an eye opener.


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CrazyBirds Mon 24-Jun-19 11:31:05

I'm not a medic, but it seems to be very common for children to have a horrible reaction to the vaccines. Whether it's "normal" is another thing entirely. Having a complete personality change after any other medical procedure would never be considered "normal".

greatbulldog1958 Tue 25-Jun-19 11:59:53

Hope your little one is ok Lots of mothers I know have noticed a change in their children after having this vaccination. That is why and some parents have opted for the single jab. Just keep a close eye.

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