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Broken thumb

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moofolk Thu 20-Jun-19 13:18:30

I think I broke my thumb a few weeks ago from a crush injury. (Big pain made me cry and feel sick was what made me think it might be a break).
I didn't think there was any point in doing anything about it as I'd googled and there's nothing that can be done as far as I can see. Also didn't fancy sitting in A&E just to be told it either was or wasn't broken, and either having to take the kids with me or find child care for them. It's the bone on the actual thumb not the metatarsal so suggestions I'd read were to keep it moving.

4 weeks later the swelling has gone down and there's a lump on the bone. I can type but holding a pen is awkward. It's painful if banged but otherwise ok. Thumb looks slightly bent to the side.

So my question is this: is it worth doing anything now or is it the trip to a doctor I didn't want before ending in the advice 'yes you broke it but it's on the mend'?! I don't want to end up with long term compromised mobility from not doing anything but neither do I want to waste mine and medical staff's time when I'm basically fine.

Please reassure me. smile

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Greybeardy Thu 20-Jun-19 14:36:30

It’s not at all uncommon for broken fingers/thumbs to be operated on. There seems to be a popular misconception on MN that there’s nothing that can ever be done for broken fingers & toes - you don’t know that though until you’ve been examined/had imaging by someone who’s read a bit more than Google (and know their metatarsals from their metacarpals wink!).
(From an anaesthetist....who gave their last anaesthetic to someone with a broken finger)

moofolk Thu 20-Jun-19 20:42:06

Hahaha thanks @Greybeardy

Metatarsals are feet, right? I broke four of them once it hurt. I just wasn't sure that much could be done as it's not a joint but it definitely looks weirder now the swelling has gone down.

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