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Postpartum bladder weakness or something else?

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ally1986 Thu 20-Jun-19 10:41:54

Hi all,

I had my DD two years ago via forceps delivery, and apart from a bit of leakage when I went on a trampoline (not doing that again!), I didn’t experience the dreaded bladder problems that are common after childbirth – until now!

The last week or so I have been needing the loo a lot more frequently than usual (I used to be able to go hours without needing to go). I had my wee tested for a UTI but it came back clear, plus I haven’t got the usual burning pain when I go and actually quite a lot of wee comes out each time I go – it’s not as if it’s just a dribble!

I have read that bladder weakness doesn’t always happen immediately after giving birth – it can come on suddenly months or even years postpartum – has anyone else experienced this? I also ran the London marathon in April and have read that long distance running can weaken your pelvic floor even more so maybe that has brought it on!

I’m having an ultrasound tomorrow to check that area as I have been getting a intermittent dull ache in my pelvis and I’ve got myself into a bit of a state Googling things (I know I shouldn’t!) but just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems? I go from thinking that it’s just a combination of hormones/running, to an undiagnosed UTI, to an ovarian cyst or worse!!

TIA xx

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Seaweed42 Thu 20-Jun-19 10:50:45

If you did have a slight bladder prolapse then running won't be helping that. The current problems could be linked to the exercises you are doing. I have a repaired prolapse and my urethra gets trigger happy if I do certain types of exercise. I can really only do walking.
Do you do any regular pelvic floor exercises? If not, these would probably help, but it may take a couple of months before you really see an improvement. You could see a specialist women's physio who deals with pelvic floor as they are the experts in this area.

poopypants Thu 20-Jun-19 10:54:49

There is some confused understanding of bladder issues in women. Often it is put down to childbirth when it is nothing to do with childbirth and everything to do with dropping oestrogen in perimenopause. Even women who have never been pregnant get bladder issues in their 40s. They are often of the belief that it is a delayed issue from childbirth but it's got to do with hormonal changes.

How old are you?

AugieMarch Thu 20-Jun-19 10:58:23

Has you gp done an examination? They should be able to check if a prolapse is the issue (if it is, try not to panic as it is quite common and there are a range of treatment options). I have a mild bladder prolapse and mild uterus prolapse (I'm 41, 1 natural birth and 1 csection) and my gp was able to diagnose it by examining me. I was referred to a women's health physio who helped a lot and haven't needed surgery.

Running puts a lot of stress on the pelvic floor so you should definitely do your pelvic floor exercises religiously if you run, as a prolapse can develop many years after birth.

ally1986 Thu 20-Jun-19 11:01:03

Thanks both!

In answer to your questions I'm 32 and no I don't do any pelvic floor exercises, mainly because I hadn't experienced any bladder problems until now.

I have a history of recurring UTIs and was referred to see a specialist but fell pregnant and haven't had a UTI since (probably because my sex life is non-existent grin). I wouldn't be too concerned but the dull ache I keep getting in that area is bothering me!

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ally1986 Thu 20-Jun-19 11:04:01

@AugieMarch no the GP didn't examine me but I expect the ultrasound tomorrow will show up if I have a prolapse. Did it cause you pelvic pain at all? I have a very dull ache that comes and goes - mainly centre left but it does move around!

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