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Dermatitis on face and chest..... What cream have u tried!

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biglips Wed 19-Jun-19 19:15:50

By my docs, I was given a month worth of cetirizine hydrochloride tablets to hoping to clear it up along with aveeno moisturing cream by my docs. The permanent redness and the odd days itchiness is still there as it flares up when the weather is cold and it's hot. My affected skin feel like sandpaper.

What have you tried to clear it all up? Mine is caused by stress. For years I've used water in the morning to refreshen my face (and to wake me up!!). I used to have a routine of once a week I put a face pack on etc but I don't anymore, cos I got lazy so I wash my face when I'm in the shower.


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biglips Tue 25-Jun-19 22:12:03


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