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Left sides stomach pain

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B3ck89 Mon 17-Jun-19 14:07:37

So I started my period 3 days ago and I started to get a constant pain on my left side between my ribs and hip, it’s not eased off and it’s sore to press on.
Sat in sit and wait clinic for 2 hours for the doctor to say she thinks it’s a pulled muscle, I know it’s not as I haven’t done anything to pull a muscle.
She said there’s not a lot of organs on the left hand side, and it’s not a lady problem because the pain is too high up.
It’s strange the pain started on the day of my period, but she was adamant it’s unrelated.
She asked about my bowels, but they have been fine as far as I know.
Just to add, I had a baby 18 months ago by c section and got sterilised as well.

Has anyone else got any ideas what this could be?

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