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Do these random symptoms sounds familiar to anyone (or am I just falling appart?!)

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Humptydumpty85 Mon 17-Jun-19 13:39:19

I've been feeling unwell for several months now. It started with daily headaches, eye and face pain and muscle twitching all over my body. Headaches subsided but I'm now left with -

-Muscle twitching
-raised glands
-sore,stiff fingers, wrists and feet on waking (no obvious swelling or redness)
-recurring sore chest muscles and ribs, which feel like they've been strained/pulled even though I've done nothing to strain them

I'm generally well. I have an under active thyroid which is medicated. I've had a full blood count and all vitamins etc checked and nothing has come back as abnormal. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm starting to think I'm just going a bit mad and my Dr is clearly sick of hearing from me!

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