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Would you push for an earlier appointment?

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MTBMummy Mon 17-Jun-19 12:20:46

10 days ago, I called my GP surgery as I had developed a rash along my breastbone and from previous experience I thought it might be shingles, they opted for a telephone consultation as they didn't want me to come in due to the potential of being contagious. Anyway after a chat with him, he decided it wasn't shingles and to keep it clean, wear loose clothing etc and see how I got on.

A week later it had spread to underneath both boobs and up into my arm pits, I called for an appointment, but they can't see me for almost a month (2 local surgeries have closed so mine has had to take on most of their patients)

It's not itchy, just scaly and looks a bit like scar tissue. But having been on "doctor google" I now have the fear that it's more than just a rash.

Would you push for an emergency appointment, or wait it out for a month?

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Montybojangles Mon 17-Jun-19 12:28:38

Can you ask a pharmacist to have a look? They are often good at giving you an idea of what it might be. Most have a private consultation room to discuss/examine things.

MTBMummy Mon 17-Jun-19 13:50:13

Great idea - thank you! (PS love the name)

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