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Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what we're not having.....

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clutteredup Tue 24-Jul-07 21:31:59

The wagon is leaving here, jump back on everyone and off we go...

Donk Tue 24-Jul-07 22:39:08

Donk boards wagon and looks for her ticket!

PrincessGoodLife Wed 25-Jul-07 08:11:38

let's go!
good thread title btw!

clutteredup Wed 25-Jul-07 09:38:07

Welcome aboard we go....
Don't you just hate this weather, all I want to do is shove the DC in front of the TV and get back into bed with a large bar of chocolate and.......NO SORRY [apologetic smiley] this is not the way to go!!It does make it hard though doesn't it...I had a terrible night with DD2 lastnight so that didn't help and I'm fed up of all the rain and the school hols start today......
We will be strong, we will resist, I have no treats in the house so that helps.
I'm missing the chocolate endorphins though, that doesn't help.

laloop Wed 25-Jul-07 11:24:27

Laloop jumps aboard...hi everyone

clutteredup Fri 27-Jul-07 22:06:50

The wagon has departed..are we all still aboard?
i'm sure you'reall doing better than's been a hard couple of days with dd2 keeping me up and the foul weather..i've been picking at the children's frosties and cheerios but although tempted by the biscuit tin on several occasions, but I haven't !!!!! this thread is helping and i've got to the point that when i but ice creams for the dc i don't really even want one myself. i did have a muesli bar today, well 2 actually , but heathier than a lot of things I could have had still not entirely sugar free....but a lot better than when we started this.....I had a nice day out with the dc today and only shouted once the whole day

clutteredup Sun 29-Jul-07 09:09:47

did well yesterday, no cravings or desire for sweet things at all i think i'm finally getting the hang of this or is it because i'm getting a teeny bit more sleep. actually had more energy to cope with grumpy sat am DH ( he's usually in a mood on a saturday morning but we avoided a row this week) AND I did some housewrork
hope everyone else is enjoying their new found sugar free freedom..I amdefinitely feeling better and it is getting easier

PrincessGoodLife Tue 31-Jul-07 13:12:56

same here - still no sugar in coffee since that time a few weeks ago, which was my biggest thing. Feeling ok.
How's everyone else? Keep it up .

clutteredup Wed 01-Aug-07 10:49:13

Hi, Princess, sounds like you've really kicked your habit, well done Keep on at it .
I've actually found it's been quite easy now the holidays are here, although the DC are scoffing sweets and ice creams, I've been too busy to want to comfort eat. i have had the odd small sweet forced into my mouth by my DD, but I have not been eating and craving sweets and chocolate as I was before...hooray...AND I definitely have more energy. In spite of DD2 refusing to sleep through the night I am managing to cope with having all 3 DC at hoe all the time, AND.......wait for it........I HAVE EVEN MANAGED TO KEEP THE HOUSE TIDY......(well more tidy than usual at any rate, DH actually commented on how well I was doing yeaterday! wow!) So this no sugar thing is definitely working.....hope its going well for the rest of you.

PrincessGoodLife Fri 03-Aug-07 18:59:37

great stuff, clutteredup!

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