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Thyroid removal

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TryingToJuggle Sat 15-Jun-19 18:14:03

I had my thyroid removed this week due to being OAT and am now post op by four days. Healing well and feeling ok.
A bit nervous about what life hold for me moving forward on thyroxine. I've been put in 75mg and calcium until my first bloods next week. I don't just want to accept that I'm going to feel rubbish and put on weight but I all I seem to read are these types of stories. Please help me feel better. There must be plenty out there who are ok?

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SeaToSki Sat 15-Jun-19 19:11:50

Ive been taking thyroxine for years, if you find a good doctor who will listen to you about your symptoms, then you wont have any trouble at all. Now approaching menopause can make it a little more tricky, but its still very managable. There are a couple of important things to remember though. You must
Take it first thing every morning with just water
Dont eat or drink anything else for at least half an hour and preferably one hour
You HAVE to remember it every day

Paultrybudget Sat 15-Jun-19 19:18:02

I had my thyroid taken out two years ago, it's taken a little while to get the dose of thyroxine just right but recovery was fine and everything is great.

TryingToJuggle Sat 15-Jun-19 21:19:41

Ah thank you for the replies. So nice to hear some ok stories!

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PostMenWithACat Sun 16-Jun-19 14:47:45

About 28 years ago. Stabilised graves so I knew where I was and condition was consistent because I wanted to start a family. 100mcg ever since. No problems.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 18-Jun-19 11:14:36

Definitely recommend joining this, at the very least reading all their info. Helplines to ring too.

I've been on thyroxine for 20 years, it's sometimes tricky getting the right dose but consistency in taking it is the key and keeping track of results and how you feel.

Most people feel well around tsh 0.6-8 but everyone is different.

It can take a good 6-12 weeks for right levels to stabilise and also to notice symptoms after a change.

You can adjust by small doses if needed; eg 100 / 125 alternate days. I'm taking 125 twice a week, 100 the rest. I appear to need less at the moment as I'm breastfeeding and no periods yet (not sure if that's usual or just me.)

In pregnancy if you are planning any, you will need more and frequent testing in the first trimester - v good advice on the website.

Always check both medication and the thyroxine leaflet for drug interactions; quite a few things affect absorption.

Best to get tests done in the morning, before taking your thyroxine but as I said consistency is the key.

OhTheRoses Tue 18-Jun-19 12:08:54

Just to say I have taken my thyroxine for nearly 30 years at bedtime. That time has worked perfectly well for me.

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