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poorly baby...

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Ilovemyboy Tue 24-Jul-07 16:50:27

DS (7mo) hasn't eaten any solids in 3 days and has really bad diarrhoea. He has been taking breastmilk but as soon as he puts my nipple in his mouth and starts glugging, he seems to fart it all out again. I have to change him at least twice an hour and his bum is red raw so he screams and bucks away from me when I wipe it. It is awful.

I took him to see the doc yesterday morning who said that he has pharyngitis (sore throat) which is why he has a temperature and may have picked up a tummy bug with it.

I thought tummy bugs went in 24hrs? Does this sound normal to you?

I have been giving him calpol which is helping his temp and making him seem more playful but I am concerned about his tum.

To top it all off, I was supposed to be starting back to work today after 9months maternity leave and have had to take time off with DS already...before I've even gone back. My boss is v.understanding though.

krabbiepatty Tue 24-Jul-07 16:54:53

Poor you. Mine have certainly had tummy bugs longer. It sounds like you might want to go back to the doctor.

smallwhitecat Tue 24-Jul-07 16:56:48

Message withdrawn

Ilovemyboy Tue 24-Jul-07 16:57:29

The only thing that the doc seemed concerned about was his temperature and said to go back on Thursday if he still has a temprature.

I tried him with a plain ricecake before and he was sick while it was in his mouth. His tum is really off.

krabbiepatty Tue 24-Jul-07 16:58:40

Have you got a really good nappy cream? I'm sure there was just a thread about this but a thick layer of sudocrem will keep some of the poo away from the sore bits.

krabbiepatty Tue 24-Jul-07 16:59:56

I think I'd be minded to call and try to speak to doc and just point out the frequency of the pooing.

Ilovemyboy Tue 24-Jul-07 17:00:14

Thanks for your assurance that 3 days isn't too long. I'm just not used to my big boy being off his food...I can't help but be worried.

smallwhitecat Tue 24-Jul-07 17:00:52

Message withdrawn

Ilovemyboy Tue 24-Jul-07 17:02:09

krabbiepatty - was using Neal's Yard Barrier cream which works usually but not doing the trick with this. Have gone back to ye olde faithful Sudocrem and have coated him in it. It is all over me.

Ilovemyboy Tue 24-Jul-07 17:02:55

Thanks - might give them a ring and see what they say.

Fangzooki Tue 24-Jul-07 17:55:26

My ds had a similar thing at this age, and it was horrid, but I was told they don't worry about the diarrhoea for a week or so as long as they aren't too bad otherwise. (Hence the query on your ds's temp I guess). Was also told that breastmilk is the best thing to help them through it. My ds had just refused to bf any more and was on formula unfortunately...
Would also second the avoidance of solids - esp anything that might be cowsmilk related. Ds ended up on soya formula for a couple of months due to temporary lactose intolerance from the inflammation in his bowel.
His bum was red raw too, and nothing I did made any difference until the soya formula started.
Assume you aren't using babywipes to clean him with? You could try slightly salty water to help keep it clean, and also barrier cream - I think Nutrogena worked best for us.

Ilovemyboy Wed 25-Jul-07 13:51:36

The docs took him in yesterday evening (my docs are fab!) and checked him over.

She confirmed that he still has the pharyngitis and his glands are up. She didn't seem too concerned about the pooing but told me to go back on Thursday if his temp is still high. So he is fine thankfully...nothing too sinister.

Last night was a better night but he still doesn't want to eat.

Will just keep giving him breastmilk.

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