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horrendous "time of month"

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Lilyannarose Thu 13-Jun-19 09:27:17

I'm not sure whether to post this in general health or mental health in all honesty, but I'm convinced it's all connected.
I'm still trying to build up the courage to see a doctor (only one female GP at the practice and it's really hard to get an appointment with her - but maybe I'm just making excuses as I'm scared to go!).
The reason why, is that part of me thinks she will say "Oh, it's just periods/ Just part of being a woman" (as a male GP once said to me) but then there is another part of me that is terrified I will need a hysterectomy.

I'm 43 with four children.
Not sure if this is relevant but my mum suffered horrendously with hers when she was around the same age.

Mine have never been easy (although I did go through a wonderful few years of them being plain sailing).
Over the last six months however they have become very heavy.
I literally dare not leave the house for the two heaviest days (they are not prolonged or anything, just the standard length, no bleeding in between cycles and at the moment they are still regular).
I have to use two pads (but recently resorted to extra thick maternity pads!) and even then I was still experiencing leaking with sudden gushes (hence why I can't leave the house).
During this time I suffer with dizzy spells, feeling weak and exhausted, headaches/ migraines but more than anything highly emotional.
From a few days before, and during the actual period I just cry constantly. Mole hills become mountains and I just feel so incedibly sad (I do have a lot going on in my life at the moment, but even so, I don't think I should be feeling this low).
I suffer from panic attacks too, and to be honest I think they are all connected in some way! I'm having panic attacks about going to the doctors which I know is ridiculous but I'm just so anxious.

I need to know if I can buy iron tablets over the counter as I'm almost certain the heavy blood loss is making me anaemic and causing the other symptoms.

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ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Thu 13-Jun-19 09:30:59

Definitely not normal. Heavy bleeding can definitely be treated. The Mirena coil changed my life.

If it's affecting your life. Leaking and not leaving the house for 2 days, definitely qualifies! 100% see the gp

PeoniesarePink Thu 13-Jun-19 09:34:41

You really don't need to suffer with this.

I had the same, and was given a Mirena coil. I went from being housebound 3 days a month to not having any periods, it was a life changer. Or there are procedures like laser ablation of the womb lining. You may have fibroids too causing the bleeding.

See your GP. And fwiw I find male GPs are sometimes more sympathetic and quicker to refer you to gynae.......... we have one female GP at our surgery and I don't even bother trying to get an appointment with her anymore as she's so booked up. I hope you get sorted soon and buy yourself some Floradix tonic it's natural iron and doesn't give you constipation flowers

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