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Peeing this much

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cheeseislife8 Thu 13-Jun-19 02:10:05

At least every hour, I NEED a pee. I had a lot of UTIs as a child/early teen so I've always drank 'enough' water but now it's becoming a real issue. If I don't end up with the opportunity to pee often enough (drives, walks, shopping etc) I get so bursting I need to do the cross-legs thing. I know I'm in my 30s now but really? Is this normal?

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Anyonebut Thu 13-Jun-19 02:17:18

Are you thirsty all the time too? Could it be diabetes?

newmomof1 Thu 13-Jun-19 02:18:02

It's not normal to need to pee every hour. I suggest booking in to see your GP.

cheeseislife8 Thu 13-Jun-19 02:22:45

I do drink a ton too, my 'normal' sounds like it might be too much. I think I need to check this with the doc... thanks guys

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stillawakeat4amagain Thu 13-Jun-19 02:29:18

That's exactly what happened to me and found out I am type 1 diabetic go and get checked tomorrow

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