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joebtfsplks Wed 12-Jun-19 07:52:13

My daughter is being referred/investigated as she has developed tics. She has had them for about 4 months now. We have used my husband's private medical and I found the consultant incredibly odd for various reasons - long story but essentially I just figured I had to see him in order to then get a referral for psych. (It started with headaches so we wanted them investigated first - MRI was all clear so now we can just focus on helping her manage her tics).

Getting the referral letter from him has been a right PITA. He insisted on sending it straight to a facility that HE wanted us to use despite me telling him our insurers wanted the letter and they would refer us on from there. Then the facility he'd referred us to wrote to me saying they had no capacity. Anyway as I wasn't getting a response from him I asked them to forward me his referral letter which they did very promptly. I was shocked to read that on both letters (one to clinic, one to our GP) he has described my daughter as having Tourette's. It is my understanding that Tourette's cannot be diagnosed until the tics have been there for at least a year. Tics are also fairly common at her age so I'm just a bit hmm that he used that terminology. He is a consultant peadiatrician by the way, not a neurologist or psychologist.

My very long winded question is - should I ring the GP and make sure her notes don't say she has Tourette's (for now anyway!). If that ends up being the diagnosis then so be it but I feel we are a long way from that yet and I don't want it on her notes! Or am I being OTT and it won't matter?

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Constantsarechanging Thu 13-Jun-19 19:43:16

It sounds quite odd, I'd speak to her normal GP and explain the situation it might be possible to get a second opinion..

officepolitics Fri 14-Jun-19 10:02:27

Thank you. Yes perhaps I'll give the GP a call in any case. I don't need to see this consultant again so his "opinion" doesn't really matter but I just don't want it on her notes - I suppose I don't want another doctor or medical professional to read that and take it as read without understanding that actually no formal diagnosis of Tourette's has taken place at all.

officepolitics Fri 14-Jun-19 10:02:59

Ooh sorry I namechanged and forgot to switch back smile this is the OP grin

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