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My scalp went numb while my hair was being washed at the hairdressers

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mindhowyougo Mon 10-Jun-19 22:41:31

I had a scary experience today and actually thought I might have been having a stroke for a couple of minutes (or some other scary medical thing). While my hairdresser was washing the toner off my hair, so I had been head leaning back in the sink for a 10 minutes, my scalp went completely numb like it had pins and needles. It was really weird and hurt a bit while while she was washing it off like she was scratching my scalp and pulling my hair. After I sat up it kinda wore off but it still feels strange now, like it could just go numb again..... has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I'm a bit worried about laying down....

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Userplusnumbers Mon 10-Jun-19 22:43:43

Could have been the start of an allergic reaction

Could have been a slightly pinched nerve if you were lending bck at a funny angle over the sink

Keep an eye and if it happens again get to the GP

spanishwife Mon 10-Jun-19 22:44:32

Overreaction. You probably just put your head in a funny position.

Bufferingkisses Mon 10-Jun-19 23:01:56

I get this every time, just resting on a nerve against the sink. Weird sensation but nothing of concern.

MadameGazelleIsMyHomegirl Mon 10-Jun-19 23:04:06

I don’t want to worry you but I know someone who had a stroke which doctors suspect was triggered by neck compression in a hair salon hair wash basin. It is very rare though. I’m sure you will be fine, but if symptoms continue, see the doc.

Overprotective007 Mon 10-Jun-19 23:05:50

Hairdresser chairs do have a stroke risk, although small. I'd get checked out if I were you. Strokes can be slow to develop, not a sudden collapse.

usernameuser Mon 10-Jun-19 23:08:47

That doesn't seem normal at all. It probably was just a pinched nerve or something but I would be getting it checked out just in case 😬

Greybeardy Tue 11-Jun-19 09:52:47

Not enough detail in your post for anyone to comment confidently really, but it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that the neck rest on the sink could squash the sensory nerves to the back of the scalp causing numbness/pins and needles. A posterior circulation stroke (which is what would be most likely from occluding vessels by tipping the head back) would tend to present differently. As ever though if you’re worried you should see a live HCP rather than trusting randoms on the internet.

Ncurageu2 Mon 16-Sep-19 06:31:43

I actually had something similar happen to me over the weekend. While getting my hair washed, it’s like the feeling on my scalp went numb. Very weird sensation. I will be following up with my dr this week.

AlexaAmbidextra Mon 16-Sep-19 21:47:20

I never fully rest my neck on the basin. I always hold it slightly off the rim having once seen a woman have a stroke at the hairdresser while having her hair washed.

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