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Is it thrush?

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Whatisit9 Mon 10-Jun-19 12:06:35

I have been on antibiotics the last few days for a urine infection and now my outer left labia feels like its burning.. I get thrush quite often which I'm thinking it maybe is. But when I went to inspect my bits.. it seems a bit swollen on the left hand side but no obvious lump or anything. I never usually get this when I have thrush. I have read about a Bartholin cyst but I can't actually see a cyst or a lump. It's just swollen. I'm really worried it might be something more sinister. Any ideas?

Discharge has mainly been normal but yesterday I did have some slightly yellow sticky discharge. Surely this isn't normal?

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Whatisit9 Mon 10-Jun-19 14:53:22

Anyone experienced anything similar?

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