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Worried sick

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Presh12345 Mon 10-Jun-19 11:27:25

So I am a highly anxious person, always have been and always about my health. I went on holiday last week, a surprise as we were suddenly given a week off. On night 3 I had too much wine, not too much but more than normal. I convinced myself I had pancreatitis. Since coming home I have had a pain in my stomach. First it was in my side, then it was under my boobs, now it is in my back/sides. Logically I can think that I've caught a bug, I was in a hot and humid country, I was swimming so perhaps twisted myself, I was eating different food. Irrational me can only Google and see the bad things. I got myself in such a state last night with my husband that it was something more serious. The more I think about it, the more aware I am, the more tired I get. I am not sick, nauseous, losing weight, losing appetite, no diahorrea, no bleeding. Just tired and sore. Please help me sort out this anxiety.

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PenguinsRabbits Mon 10-Jun-19 11:37:33

Think its pretty common to have few aches and pains after / on holiday especially if you are drinking as well. Would be very surprised if its anything serious if you only have a bit of pain - anxiety alone can cause pains. Would try and distract yourself. You could go to GP, they should be able to refer you for help for anxiety and do a few checks for anything physical.

NoSauce Mon 10-Jun-19 14:11:57

Is it constant? Keep an eye on it and see your GP if it persists. Is it a sharp pain or a gnawing pain?

Oldmum55 Mon 10-Jun-19 15:33:41

Last year I got myself worked up in this kind of situation. After a mysterious virus my stomach was still playing up I could hardly eat and every time I weighed I lost something, when normally my weight is stubborn to shift. Anyway it eventually went and I was back battling with my weight but like yourself being an anxious sort of person I too thought of something like pancreatitis or worse. If it doesn't go see your GP just to put your mind at rest.

Presh12345 Mon 10-Jun-19 16:54:28

I was at the doc on Saturday for a routine other appt and i mentioned it to her. She didn't seem concerned at all. Told me it was probably something from the holiday, gave me a probiotic and sent me home. Me being me though, am beside myself.

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NoSauce Mon 10-Jun-19 16:58:38

Do you have health anxiety?

fantasmasgoria1 Mon 10-Jun-19 17:31:42

I have awful health anxiety so I can empathise and sympathise. Its really debilitating at times. Go to your gp, make a specific appointment for this and tell them about your anxiety and the pains you have. I have been to the doctors several times because of it and they have always been understanding and reassuring.

Presh12345 Mon 10-Jun-19 17:37:21

Really bad health anxiety. I go through phases. Sometimes I am absolutely fine and other times I get the slightest twinge and it sets me off on a downward spiral. It's so crap.

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Oldmum55 Mon 10-Jun-19 17:48:29

Presh I sympathise I've had health anxiety all my life. Like you I go through phases, it's got a bit better as I got older but when my kids were little I started obsessing about their health too.

NoSauce Mon 10-Jun-19 17:51:52

Ah I’m sorry OP. How’s your pain now, any better?

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