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Stomach burn

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namechange0123 Mon 10-Jun-19 01:51:44

Help! I am having colic on and off since 10 pm and my stomach is on fire. I have tried milk, sodium bicarbonate, gaviscon and buscopan and still crying in bed! Any other ideas?

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Titsywoo Mon 10-Jun-19 02:14:35

Where's the pain? Under your breasts in the middle? I find a hot water bottle held there helps a lot.

namechange0123 Mon 10-Jun-19 02:22:04

Yes in the middle, not right under my breasts, a little bit lower. That’s a good idea, thanks, will try it now

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LiliesAndChocolate Mon 10-Jun-19 08:55:28

Hot bath, chamomile tea.

When my son was impacted, he felt the pain in his stomach but laxatives solved the problem

namechange0123 Mon 10-Jun-19 09:05:14

Thanks! I have managed to sleep a couple of hours and now need to survive at work with no coffee/tea - I feel better but my stomach is still all over the place and have the feeling that if I drink anything like that I'll burn alive!

Have chamomile tea at home, will grab it over lunch break, that might actually help.

Don't think I need laxatives, I had diarrhoea this morning confused will try the hot bath tonight with baby DS!

Thanks everyone smile

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Titsywoo Mon 10-Jun-19 19:54:30

If it's high up it's not constipation is indigestion/acid reflux/gallstones. I get a combination of the above and it's agony when it's bad. Go see your GP and they will probably give you something like omeprazole for a month to settle your stomach down.

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 10-Jun-19 22:03:15

Do you take supplements? Fish oil for Omega 3 gives me horrendous cramping

namechange0123 Tue 11-Jun-19 05:04:23

I think in my case it's a combination of different things - I'm coming off antidepressants and low carbing, and stress has always had an effect on my stomach. I used to have diarrhoea before every exam and it still happens today before some meetings!

Oh and yes, I have started supplements since last period when I had almost passed out confused

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LiliesAndChocolate Tue 11-Jun-19 05:53:16

I now take my supplements just before falling asleep, right when I turn off my light . If I take then during the day no matter when if morning lunch with or without food, I has severe side effect, taken before sleeping, none.

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