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Anyone else have Lichen Sclerosis??

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JuneBop Sat 08-Jun-19 15:40:20

Recently been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus after about 3 years of painful sex and being constantly misdiagnosed with thrush.
I've been given a steroid cream to use for 2 weeks and have been told this should almost get rid of it. I've been using it for 5 days now and feel no difference.
Just wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat?
I'm only 27 so really don't want my sex life to be over but if this doesn't get any better I can't imagine having sex again.

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Colinthedog Sat 08-Jun-19 15:55:17

I have it too, I’m 37 and have had it since late 20s, so very similar to you. In my experience the steroid cream does work but it can take a while for the pain and itching to totally go away. You also need to apply it regularly. In the past I haven’t always been as vigilant as I should have been which led to some complications and pain during sex, but hopefully if you keep on top of things that shouldn’t happen to you.

Most of the time I can have sex without any pain, although it’s sometimes a bit sore afterwards with some bleeding at times, but again that’s usually when I haven’t used the steroid cream regularly enough.

I had quite a bad flare up just over a year ago which was very painful. I used the steroid cream regularly over a few weeks and it completely cleared and no issues with it since. I’m hoping this will last a while!

I’ve also given birth without any major issues (some tearing but not related to the LS), and am due with my second in two weeks and not worried about it.

So I guess to sum up, it’s a total pain and can impact your sex life at times, but in my experience it’s manageable if you keep on top of it. I hope that helps!

JuneBop Sat 08-Jun-19 19:05:23

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep on with the cream for the two weeks and see what happens. I've been told to apply it twice a day so hopefully that'll be enough. It's so painful to apply though!

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Colinthedog Sat 08-Jun-19 19:24:06

Yeah it can be at first but I find that it eases off as you keep going with it. And I’ve never applied more than twice a day so that should be fine.

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