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Should the Sonographer or the Doctor???

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Rosetteandroddy Fri 07-Jun-19 07:21:30

I’m six weeks post surgery following a hysterectomy. Whilst still in hospital I had a CT scan which picked up something on my right kidney. After seeing a Urologist they said the scan would go to their MDT meeting. Anyway it was decided I need a Nephrectomy, the diagnosis is Renal Cell Carcinoma, but my question is this. In November last year, I had an ultrasound, for tests relating to heavy periods and fibroids. The lady doing the scan said I had a fibroid and a kidney stone on my right kidney. But obviously it turns out it wasn’t. If she’d seen what she thought was a stone, why didn’t she just refer me back to the doctor who could have done tests??? And was she in a position to tell me that diagnosis?? Because if I’d not had the CT scan, the cancer diagnosis wouldn’t have been picked up until much later!!! Just confused by it all!!!

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swingofthings Fri 07-Jun-19 09:21:35

I'm very sorry for the outcome of your ct scan but crossing fingers for you that it isn't malignant which is still very possible. My mother has a kidney growth, it was biopsied but isn't cancer although regularly monitored.

I had an ultrasound and mri of my kidneys too. The sonographer carrying the procedure was happy to share what she could see, however when I had the mri and I asked, the mri technician said he couldn't tell me anything and that results would be discussed at the appointment with gp/consultant. I assumed it meant he'd found something but all was normal. I expect it is because of different qualifications and ct/mri technicians are not considered clinicians as sonographers but I could be wrong. Sending you flowers

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