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Has anyone had a steroid I section for tennis elbow?

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jmh740 Wed 05-Jun-19 22:42:54

I'm booked in to have one next week I had just thought I could nip out of work get it done and go straight back to work, but now I'm wondering if I will need the rest of the day off?
I'm not sure if I should just keep taking painkillers and wait for it to get better by it's self been reading conflicting things on the internet. Can anyone give me some first hand advice please.

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FadedRed Wed 05-Jun-19 22:53:57

I’ve had several in the past, elbows and knees. it can be a bit painful for a few seconds when the injection is being done, though I found the knee ones were more likely to hurt than the elbow tbh. The joint can ache for a day or so afterwards, just need to take some analgesia.
Some people told me they were very painful, but I never found them so. Varies from person to person, like most things I suppose.
Can you work afterwards? Depends what you do really. I was told to ‘rest the joint’ for 24 hours, not to drive myself home, (but I think that was more for safety reasons, in case of emergency stops).
The injections did help for a while, but I ended up needing surgery eventually, though most people don’t.

FlamingoFlamenco Wed 05-Jun-19 23:08:06

I've had several.
Within a couple of hours the elbow would ache quite strongly. So I would spend the evening with my arm on a cushion and some painkillers taken.
By the next morning the steroid had got to work and the elbow felt much better - at this point it was tempting to overdo things.

As pp said - it varies from person to person. For me they worked very well until the illness I have that caused the initial problem, finally overwhelmed any good the steroid could do.

So, prepare in advance - an easy meal for that evening - leave washing up till next day. No housework. Everything you need within easy reach (painkillers and chocolate) , pj's on. and rest that arm.

Hope all goes well.

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Jun-19 14:34:55

I had 3 injections. Its achy after, but I'd have been fine to go to work after

RobBenn12 Sun 09-Jun-19 20:17:39

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averythinline Sun 09-Jun-19 20:20:13

i had it was painful briely as they did it - but was fab....i noticed teh affect really quickly nothing major after....

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