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Teeth ginding...recommendation for mouth guard?

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hazeyjane Wed 05-Jun-19 20:46:44

I have lost my custom made mouth guard whilst camping and whilst I'm waiting to get an appointment and have another one made, can anyone recommend the sort they sell online?

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Lemonmeringue33 Wed 05-Jun-19 20:48:22

You could get a boil and bite one from OPRO.

TheCraicDealer Wed 05-Jun-19 20:53:08

There's nothing worse- I had to go and buy a kids one from Sports Direct on the day after Boxing Day when I forgot to bring it to my in-laws [facepalm]

I used to get these from amazon before I spurlged and got one from the dentist. They lasted about six weeks before I'd grind through them.

WhenZogateSuperworm Wed 05-Jun-19 20:57:51

Any advice on how to get used to wearing a mouth guard? I have one from the dentist that I got free when my dental treatment was covered due to pregnancy but I can’t get used to wearing it so it’s sat by my bed doing nothing!

mommybear1 Wed 05-Jun-19 21:15:46

@WhenZogateSuperworm hi I hate mine but do have to wear it I found it very uncomfortable and it was painful to start with. What I did was wear it for short periods to start with and increased the time each week so for the first week I'd wear it for a couple of hours and then the second week for four hours until I could tolerate it through the night. I can wear it all night now but do find I have a very dry mouth in the morning. Good luck!

hazeyjane Wed 05-Jun-19 22:13:11

The sports ones look too big, I'll try the Amazon one...thankyou.
Even a couple of nights without one and I can feel my jaw aching, dh said he can hear me grinding and clicking and I am terrified I'm going to crack a tooth (a tooth snapped in half when I was pregnant).
Zogate it took a little while of wearing it in the evening for it to feel comfortable enough to sleep with it...obviously you look like a goddess with it in, but worth it in the end! I now feel really uncomfortable without it!
Bloody bruxism.

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