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Smear test day

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coffeeaddiction Wed 05-Jun-19 10:59:11

A little bit of a random question but while booking my smear test on the phone the receptionist said smear test day was Wednesdays, so do they do smear tests all day ?
It would make me feel better if they do as it really makes you realise that they do them all day long and not bothered about them at all whereas in my head it's a big deal- silly I know !

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Footle Wed 05-Jun-19 20:27:11

Whichever day they do them, the staff are very used to it. Let them know that you're nervous and they should help you to feel it's normal to feel like that, and it's a routine procedure that all women should go through regularly. It's a life saver.

lorribella Wed 05-Jun-19 22:21:04

I'm a Gp receptionist and our smear day is Tuesdays so that the equipment it ready to go and patients are in and out.

The nurse pops in for tea and biscuits/cakes during breaks between patients and never mentions the smears at all, it's normal for them. She completes around 10 each Tuesday so that's 40 per month so that's a lot of vaginas to look at. Don't worry op they are more concerned with ensuring they get the correct sample and when your gone they need to ensure that the notes and data is correctly completed.

Yukka Wed 05-Jun-19 22:30:54

@coffeeaddiction, well done for booking, it’s so worth it. You probably only have to do this 20 times in your whole life. Tell the nurse if your apprehensive, but my advice is just relax, focus on breathing it will help you relax which in turn makes the process easier and quicker. They will give you a sheet to put over your bottom half. It really is a 3 min job, the nurses are highly skilled in doing it, you’ll be in and out smile

SpideyMom Wed 05-Jun-19 22:35:18

I've had 3 smears now, my 4th will be next year. I never like them but always leave feeling proud that Ive put my thoughts aside and got it done. I think we tend to overthink them. It's a little embarrassing for us but the nurses are always so professional and as others have said are used to it.
Try not to be nervous. Its over in a few minutes.

But honestly the doctors/nurses are great and leave you feeling so comfortable with stuff like this. I recently had to have a camera up my bottom. I was so embarrassed at first. But as much as I hated the feeling of the procedure I was made to feel totally relaxed to the point I didn't care what they had to do.

Try and relax, you will be fine

hannah1992 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:44:25

Our smear day is a Wednesday at our doctors that have apps between 8:30am and 7pm. Which is good so lots of women can go outside their working hours. However, that is a lot of hours for the nurse to be looking up vaginas!

I always think that nurses look at much worse things than women bits.

DH had an abscess in the crack of his bum couple of years back. I went with him to the nurse and she burst it and it stunk! I was almost sick. I'm sure she would have rather done 100 smears than that 😂

SpideyMom Thu 06-Jun-19 14:31:02

@hannah1992 that made me laugh lol

coffeeaddiction Sat 08-Jun-19 05:29:54

@hannah1992 that has definitely made me feel better ! Haha 😂

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