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Adult chickenpox

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happyunicorn27 Wed 05-Jun-19 05:36:56

So I've never had chickenpox before, managed to avoid it until now (I'm 24). I'm waiting on the pharmacy opening as NHS24 said they'd be the best place to confirm chickenpox or not, and also trying to get a gp appointment is like pulling teeth (not much fun).

My question is, I'm due to go away at the weekend for my best friends hen do with a group of people who I know all have had chickenpox, they'll pretty much be the only people I'm around and I'm hoping I'll have scabbed by then as these spots starting appearing two days ago.

Do you think I can still go? And just opt out of any activities that may involve others. We're driving there so I won't be travelling around anyone else.

(This is all assuming it is chickenpox, just trying to go for worst case scenario)

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StephenQueenBooks Wed 05-Jun-19 06:00:28

YWBU, you'll put people at risk. I've had chicken pox three times, and shingles. The whole "have it once and never again" thing is crap.

Sorry op, if it is chickenpox you'll have to stay home.

QuilliamCakespeare Wed 05-Jun-19 06:02:54

I'd go if completely scabbed. If not, you need to stay indoors I'm afraid. It's not fair to risk infecting anyone you might encounter. Pregnant women and those with low immune systems can be very badly affected.

MythicalBiologicalFennel Wed 05-Jun-19 06:06:45

Only go if you are scabbed over. A friend had chickenpox in early pregnancy and her child was born disabled as a result. Also chickenpox in adults can be serious so make sure you look after yourself.

Silvercatowner Wed 05-Jun-19 07:03:49

Chicken pox in adults can be serious. You need to alert the surgery - they may ask for photos to confirm rather than you attending in person. Your GP may well prescribe anti viral meds to try to head off the disease. And no, if it is chicken pox you shouldn't go. I'd be surprised if you felt well enough, tbh.

Medievalist Wed 05-Jun-19 07:12:22

Also had chicken pox a second time as an adult. I gave it to my flat mate (who was also sure she'd had it as a child) and to my then boyfriend who was extremely ill with it.

Why do you need to go to a gp and risk spreading the infection. There's no treatment and enough information available on the internet for you to self-diagnose.

glitterelf Wed 05-Jun-19 07:25:10

My 16yr old son is currently being treated for chicken pox with antivirals unfortunately for the op she's missed the window of the first 24hrs. The only reason he's leaving the house is due to the fact he's in the middle of his GCSE's and under the circumstances he's now sitting them in isolation to try to rule out risks of others getting it. I would say at home until the last spot is scabbed over. Take antihistamines at night for the itching and paracetamol to reduce any fever do not use ibuprofen as it's dangerous when you have chicken pox and use some Eurax cream on the spots to alleviate itching too.

Seeline Wed 05-Jun-19 07:39:13

I'm amazed you feel well enough. Both my sister and I had it as teens and were both really ill for a fortnight. New spots appeared for about a week, 10 days before all scabbed but still felt really poorly.

Stay at home unless completely scabbed. Even if driving, surely you need to stop for a wee, food etc. You really won't come in contact with anyone else for the whole time?

happyunicorn27 Wed 05-Jun-19 08:18:38

It's NHS 24 who have told me that they need to see me in person to confirm chickenpox, having never had it before I genuinely wouldn't know the first thing about it as I'm also an only child and never knew when any friends had it

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happyunicorn27 Wed 05-Jun-19 08:20:50

I'm feeling better than I was a few days ago, it seems to be fairly mild if I'm honest from my limited knowledge of it.

It's only a two hour drive near home and we're staying in a cabin so we're not around anyone else.

I'm going to get confirmation and take it from there. Chances are yes I'll be staying home.

Thanks everyone

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