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Is rainwater safe to drink?

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PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 22:52:01

Surely rainwater that's fallen outside an urban area and has been collected in a clean container is safe to drink? Does anyone know?

LongDeadMotherofHarryP Sun 22-Jul-07 22:52:58

Just boil it if you are feeling hesitant.

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 22:54:32

Yes, I know I could do that, but I wonder whether you can just drink it from the bucket. It smells so good!

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 22-Jul-07 22:55:47

I would boil it.....your bucket won't be hygenicaly clean even if your rainwater is/....

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 22:55:50

Actually, just boiling wouldn't be enough if it had environmental pollutants. That's why I said outside an urban area, as I assume that rain that has fallen in, say, London, will be fairly well contaminated by nasty chemicals.

LongDeadMotherofHarryP Sun 22-Jul-07 22:56:15

Go on, live dangerously (as long as the bucket is clean of course).

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 22:56:25

Doesn't have to be a bucket, I could put a salad bowl out to collect rainwater.

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 22-Jul-07 22:56:53

That is true PC....but just because it has fallen in a rural area doesn't mean the clouds weren't formed in London

LongDeadMotherofHarryP Sun 22-Jul-07 22:57:33

I figure it is raining where you are then? Just remember not to collect it in a colander.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 22-Jul-07 22:58:03

thats what was about to say sms.

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 22:58:08

Mmm...good point.

I suppose the question is - do I want to live dangerously?

LongDeadMotherofHarryP Sun 22-Jul-07 22:59:40

I'd be the wrong person for advice on that one - look what happened to me (long sad sigh as I recall my poor little 1 year old with a head scar)

SaintGeorge Sun 22-Jul-07 23:00:29

You need to sterilise it using a UV light filter (if planning on doing this long term) or else boil it.

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 23:00:30

No, for once it's not raiing! It's been a lovely sunny aftertoon here. But the rainbutt smells gorgeous, and when dh was sweeping water out of our courtyard he raised such a stunning fragrance...mmmm. Until we got a rainbutt I had no idea that rainwater smells good!

LongDeadMotherofHarryP Sun 22-Jul-07 23:02:24

With such a heightened sense of smell I'm guessing you ar pregnant.

Toady Sun 22-Jul-07 23:05:02

when we lived abroad (Papua New Guinea) our water supply was from a rain water tank in the garden, all drinking water was boiled.

Llewsmum Sun 22-Jul-07 23:06:12

I say drink it - our water comes from a spring & I haven't died yet............

PrettyCandles Sun 22-Jul-07 23:06:14

LOL. No, I'm not. But I do have a fairly good sense of smell (which is a total pain when I'm pg).

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