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*TMI WARNING * Bump on Cervix - Is This Normal?

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TakenForSlanted Tue 04-Jun-19 19:53:21

Sorry for the TMI, everybody, but here I go:

So I "lost" a tampon today and, luckily, managed to retrieve it myself - but in the process, I discovered something I'd never felt before (not my 1st lost tampon):

I appear to have a slight protrusion on what I think is my cervix (not as though I can see what I'm doing inside of myself). Its surface feels smooth (i.e. same texture as the surrounding mucous membranes and general feels no different from surrounding tissue), but it's ... not in line with the rest of the tissue in there elevation wise, for the lack of a better description. i.e. it's definitely a bump. It feels about pea sized and, as far as I can tell, sits in front of my cervical opening. It's not painful at all. In fact, I don't feel t when I touch it (except on my finger).

Nothing else unusual going on at all. I'm in great health and 36 years old. No family history of cancer or anything of the sort.

Sorry for making this even more TMI but: I've recently been having rough-ish sex with a pretty well-endowed bloke, so for all I know this might be bruising/swelling.

Does this need checking out or is it normal?

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Queenunikitty Wed 05-Jun-19 06:57:00

Could be a nabothian cyst, go and get checked out at the doctors.

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