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Nitrofurantoin - how long until I feel better?

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OhWhatAPalaver Mon 03-Jun-19 16:58:49

I've been given nitrofurantoin this morning by gp. Uti came on suddenly this morning and I'm feeling pretty crap. I've had these antibiotics before but not for a long time, I've been given 3 days worth, is that enough? I've had two doses now and it does seem to have taken the edge off but having had resistant bacteria before I'm paranoid!
I'm so tired and just want to go to bed but it's the holidays so I have 2 small people to entertain.
Also if anyone has any failsafe ways to stop uti's after sex please do share as I'm fed up of them now.

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moscovv Mon 03-Jun-19 17:55:05

I've taken nitrofurantoin for kidney infections/uti's about 4 or 5 times in the past, I'm almost always feeling completely back to normal within 12-24 hours, it really does seem to work so so fast, by day 2 I feel totally fine smile Hopefully this will happen to you, just remember to finish the course even if you do end up feeling better by day 2!

tobee Mon 03-Jun-19 18:08:00

In contrast to the above, I found I didn't really feel symptom free until the hours after the course finished. I took my last dose on a Saturday morning and was thinking I'd have to go back to gp on the Monday, but felt fine by the Sunday. smile

ShakingSharkqqv Mon 03-Jun-19 18:08:51

Dimanos from sweetcures may prevent.

tobee Mon 03-Jun-19 18:10:23

PS Did you get a confirmation that nitrofurantoin was the compatible anti biotic after the test?

OhWhatAPalaver Mon 03-Jun-19 19:03:27

The gp foolishly didn't send my sample off but it wouldn't have come back yet anyway. If the nitro doesn't work I will be back in there guns blazing!!
It has definitely taken the edge off but then I do sometimes take longer to recover than most people. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Foxmuffin Mon 03-Jun-19 19:06:16

The GP should have sent your sample off for culture to make sure this was the right antibiotic. I have been prescribed it before only for the culture to show the infection was resistant.

I’d expect you’ll feel better after two or three doses. If you don’t go straight back. You can normally leave a sample in a box near the door and it can be sent for culture without an appt.

Ribeebie Mon 03-Jun-19 19:12:33

3 days is usually enough for the majority of people. Usually with a positive dip and clinical symptoms guidelines suggest treating and no need to send a sample for culture unless symptoms do not settle - so your GP hasn't been foolish at all, but treated you correctly at this moment in time. If your symptoms have not resolved by the end of your course then definitely speak to them again.

OhWhatAPalaver Mon 03-Jun-19 20:50:05

He should have sent it off due to my history really. Having had a serious resistant strain a few years ago (was admitted to hospital for iv antibiotics for 4 days) and being generally prone to uti's I think he really should have sent it off. In usual circumstances I know he wouldn't have normally needed to send it but I'm not the usual circumstances unfortunately!
It does seem to be improving though thankfully.

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Silversky70 Mon 03-Jun-19 20:57:41

Do you wee straight after sex? Do you definitely wipe front to back?

OhWhatAPalaver Mon 03-Jun-19 21:14:23

Always try and wee straight after but sometimes it doesn't work. I definitely wipe front to back though. I tend to try and make sure I have a shower beforehand if I can but sometimes I forget. Tried d mannose as well but it played havoc with my digestive system.

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Silversky70 Mon 03-Jun-19 21:23:45

Do you use lube?

PeoniesarePink Mon 03-Jun-19 21:26:28

I had this recently for a bad UTI, and I hate to say it was the 5th day out of 7 before I started to feel remotely better.

ChicCroissant Mon 03-Jun-19 21:26:38

3 days is the new standard treatment for UTI's, unfortunately it didn't work for me and I had to go back and get different antibiotics. I hope it works for you, OP.

Crushedvelvetcouch Mon 03-Jun-19 21:33:01

I have had soooo many UTIs, always brought on by sex.
I have tried literally everything, D mannose, cranberry supplements, bicarb of soda, showering and peeing before and after sex, tea tree oil rinses. The lot!

The only thing that sorted it out was a 50mg dose of nitro after sex. I've been doing this since January and its the only thing to have worked.

You have my absolute sympathies, UTI are awful and really become quite demoralising when they are constant.
Hope you feel better soon

Looneytune253 Mon 03-Jun-19 21:39:57

I would be interested in any tips too. This seems to be my main trigger. I've just recovered from one and I was still slightly stingy until day 5 of nitrofurantoin. Stopped being proper poorly and full on pain by about 24 hours. I had already done a 3 day course of trimethoprim too and that hadn't worked.

OhWhatAPalaver Tue 04-Jun-19 12:25:19

Thankfully I am feeling a lot better today. They certainly seem to have worked. Looney, I can't take trimethoprim anymore as I react really badly to it but my daughter had it when she was little and it didn't work either. I think cefalexin often doesn't work any more either.
I've just read about using oil of oregano to treat but not prevent uti's, I'd rather not get one in the first place though! Apparently oestrogen cream might help? Can you tell I've been scouring the Internet for ideas?! grin

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Tanfastic Tue 04-Jun-19 18:39:50

Within 24 hours. I've taken this several times.

SinkGirl Tue 04-Jun-19 18:43:39

I had a course a few weeks ago, but symptoms are now returning (started out with urgency and higher frequency about two weeks before the pain kicked in, and now the frequency is back)

Looked it up and read about biofilms and bladder infections and now worried the bastard was just hiding. They did send my sample off though.

digerd Sat 08-Jun-19 15:19:35

How are you now sinkgirl?
I'am on the Nitro 50mgs 4 x daily for 7 days which I had end of last July last year for the usual 3 days. I had no bad side effects on this but did with another type which I can't remember the name of now.
My urine sample was sent off on a Thursday and results were back the following Monday.

Have you heard yet?

Mrbumpoid Mon 14-Oct-19 17:16:24

I have just been put on this for SIX weeks. All tests are coming up clear but urologist thinks maybe there is an infection that the lab isn't seeing.

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