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Anyone recommend medical bags

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Flossie44 Sun 02-Jun-19 16:31:07

We are off on long hail flight next month. Our daughter has several medical conditions that require needles, syringes, and glass vials that need to be not heated!!
We will be in Florida where the temp is hot. We’ve got a small insulated medical bag with caribena clip on it. But now looking for something bigger.

Does anyone have any recommendations??

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Lottie7777 Mon 03-Jun-19 15:33:26

I don’t know whether it would be big enough but have you looked at frio bags? A combination of this plus a fisherman style bag with lots of pockets does the trick when I’m taking medication abroad.

user1471514872 Mon 03-Jun-19 18:05:46

I use a bag ppl use for baby bottles. Not sure if it will be big enough but a double bottle bag is plenty big enough for two epipens, inhalers, mask and antihistamines l.

Flossie44 Mon 03-Jun-19 20:57:35

Thanks. I will have a look. We carry a nebuliser and 5 different meds in vials. Plus other meds, needles, syringes etc. I think I may have to look at insulated rucksacks!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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