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Dentist................haven't been for so long...

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TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 11:48:25

Bit scared to go now

cornsilk Sun 22-Jul-07 11:49:25

Have you got a toothache or do you just want a check up?

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 11:50:51

got lump right at back, past back tooth.

Missed last appt....feb last year

ChasingSquirrels Sun 22-Jul-07 11:52:37

I didn't go from 14 to 31 (I went within the 12 months of having ds1 cos it was free) and now go every 6-12mo cos I think the kids should go and I should set an example.

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 11:52:56

Oh, I've got one of those. I don't do dentists though.

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 11:55:00

...yep, dds go evey 6 months, so does dh.

Went after girls were born...then we moved, given myself some stupid phobia now...tis so silly.

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 11:56:14

yours sore tooticky...mine appeared tis am...thought it an abscess?...not sure though

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 11:57:26

Not too bad. Was v. bad last summer.

BettySpaghetti Sun 22-Jul-07 11:58:17

I'm a big girls blouse when it comes to dentists but since being pregnant I started going regularly again partly because pregnany ruined my teeth but also as it was free.

As a student I neglected to go for years and then had to have masses done at once. Its much better to go regularly, honestly. (and thats coming from a wimp)

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 11:58:40

have yougot wisdom teeth....think it could be that!? <<realises should be asking dentist>>

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 12:00:24

Yes, I've got wisdom teeth. One reason I don't trust dentists - I was told I would have to have them all removed before they came through as they were going to be horizontal and cause me problems. They have come through fine.

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 12:00:50

Thanks all........

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 12:02:35

gonna see how brave i feel tommorrow...dh wants me to go emergency dentist.....db had really bad experience there[scared emoticon]

ballybally Sun 22-Jul-07 12:28:30

In the past few months, did you have a great deal of pain back there that shortly went away? A bump on the gum usually means a nearby tooth has had its nerve die and is trying to drain. It really needs to be seen to, or it can get infected. I'm the biggest coward when it comes to dentists, but this just happened to me beginning of the year. I loaded up my mp3 with funny radio shows and soothing chant, and got on with it.

And now it's all in the past. Think how quickly a month goes by for you. Get it taken care of as soon as poss, and it will be over and done with and in your past, too.

TaLcYo Sun 22-Jul-07 12:34:45

thankyou ballybally...yes it has hurt in the past....must sort myself out!

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