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Muzzy head, dizzy and nauseous

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joystir59 Sat 01-Jun-19 14:45:45

I have felt like the above for a couple of weeks now, why do you think is wrong? My blood pressure is high end of normal and my weight is high end of normal. I have steadily been losing weight since Christmas (3.5 stone lost, down to 12st 4lb from 14st 9lb) through portion control. I have had a new cleaning job the last two months and weight loss has speeded up as I struggle to eat enough calories due to schedule, but I do eat more on days off. I don't feel weak with hunger, I eat a good varied diet but am thinking maybe I have high blood pressure and I don't understand why. Could it be chronic dehydration?

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joystir59 Sat 01-Jun-19 14:46:36

Sorry weight is now 11st 4lb, down from 14st 9lb

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PenguinsRabbits Sun 02-Jun-19 13:05:41

I would go to see your GP and they may well run some blood tests. It could just be dehydration making you dizzy or issues from a very rapid weight loss. Might just be you need to drink a bit more and rest but best to get checked out properly.

Tartyflette Sun 02-Jun-19 13:07:57

Could also be an inner ear infection, they can hang around for a few weeks. But definitely worth seeing the doctor.

Tartyflette Sun 02-Jun-19 13:10:09

And congratulations on the weight loss, that's v.inspiring.
( Weight loss can also help bring high BP down. )

joystir59 Sun 02-Jun-19 17:02:22

Thank you for suggestions, I'm going to see Dr on Tuesday so will see what they say

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