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Need advice n support

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bluees Fri 31-May-19 22:29:43

Hi all.

I gave birth to baby boy in sept 18. Then had bleeding which was normal thing. Then started contraception tablets (Lucette 3mg film coated tablets) in feb 29 for 21 days n then 7 days free. All was going fine until 12th may when I saw brown sporting. I thought it was my period ( never had this one b4 ) consulted with gp who said it could be because of tablet u are having v light bleeding. So it is ok. I was satisfied. But now since sunday 26th may it is getting heavier till today. Feeling cramps , having clots etc.
Went to gp again. She checked from inside n said looks alright. Got swaps. Had blood test which i ll get results sometime next week. And adviced me to just wait n see what happens. 🙄 honestly it doesn't seems like Stopping. M feeling so physically. lethargic so started iron tables

Anyone can tell what could be wrong with me 🙁

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bluees Fri 31-May-19 22:31:25

Also had ultrasound n internal scan which showed small fibroids. Dr says it is v small so cannot cause this bleeding.

But m getting worried day by day

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Evie2015 Thu 06-Jun-19 00:00:18

Hi, I’m new to this so I had my baby 3 & half years ago she was born at 25 weeks since then I’ve had treatment for high cancerous cells over a year ago and always suffered really bad with periods but this past week my boobs have started leaking milk I’m definitely not pregnant is this something to worry about I don’t breastfeed and haven’t since she was 6 months old, sorry for long post first time posting

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