Green sloppy messy poo!

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TBFH Fri 31-May-19 01:02:47

My 5 months old daughter has had really dark green runny poos for the past month, to the point where I have to bath and change her nearly every time she has a poo as it's leaked out.

The only thing I can think is possibly causing it is having changed her formula from Aptamil to Kendamil Organic.

Does anyone have any similar issues?

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Butterfly98 Mon 03-Jun-19 10:39:56

Hi @TBFH it looks to me like your DD could have an allergy to something especially if it's only been happening since changing formula. You need to take her to GP as babies can get run down quickly if they're not absorbing nutrients due to diarrhoea which that clearly is. Apart from this how is she generally in herself, does she cry a lot or seem well, alert and happy day to day?

TBFH Mon 03-Jun-19 13:00:36

Thanks for your reply. I know it sounds daft now looking at that photo, but I wasn't sure if it was diarrhoea or just soft poo!

She is pretty happy and content to be honest. I've taken her to the doctors and they're going to test a sample to rule out any infection.

I think I'll wait for test results and then look to change the formula if it hasn't improved. I don't want to keep changing formula, particularly when the one she is on has no added nasties, but I don't think they'll be any other option.

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FlowerPig Fri 18-Dec-20 00:51:57


Just wondering what the outcome was with your LOs poops?

We have recently swapped to Kendamil from Cow and Gate and baby is so much more settled but these green explosive poops have me wondering if she is as happy and settled as she seems or if there's a problem I need to look in to...

PB297 Thu 24-Dec-20 15:27:55

Hello there! I have the same issue with my 2 month old since I changed his formula from Hipp to Kendamil organic (only a couple of weeks ago). His poo is quite watery but a bit less green. Apart from that he seems much happier, his reflux and colic has improved massively plus he sleeps better. I have a gp appointment next week so will mention this.

TBFH Thu 24-Dec-20 16:35:01

Hi, sorry not replied sooner. My LO was happy enough too but the sloppy nappies didn’t improve. I really wanted to keep her on the Kendamil organic as I think it’s the best, but in the end I had to change her to Hipp. The nappies improved after the switch. I did mention it to my doctor before I switched and he just checked she wasn’t dehydrated. I think it may have been the Kendamil full cream milk was too rich for her maybe?

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Meg237 Mon 31-May-21 15:49:41

I contacted kendamil about this because I had no idea about green poo! They use DHA derived from marine algae which causes the green poo so they said as long as baby is happy otherwise then it’s completely fine

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