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Anything help with “fibro fog”?

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KittyB52 Fri 31-May-19 11:25:18

My sleep hygiene is poor, as I rarely get to bed before 11, and DD is cosleeping with us (and going through an interesting phase at the moment). I don’t struggle to fall asleep, I just feel like crap when I wake up.

I could improve my diet - I am a vegetarian but could increase my fruit and veg intake.

I am trying to stop using my phone and tablet last thing at night. I am planning to do some cross stitch again to do something that doesn’t involve screens.

I used to work full time, now I only do 16 hours a week and that is a struggle due to fatigue and poor concentration. We can’t afford for me not to work though.

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Lonecatwithkitten Fri 31-May-19 07:51:29

Hydroxycholorquinine should help but it takes about a month to really help.
I have a mixed connective disease/Fibro combination. As well as taking the drugs ( I have been diagnosed 14 years now and gave progressed so take a fair few) I find that ensuring you have good sleep hygiene helps. I drink a fruit/green tea before bed, no screens in bedroom, no distractions in bedroom. Comfortable bed, good bed linen etc, to help encourage good sleep.
I worked hard to find mindful activities that help me empty my mind, I sing in a choir and I crochet. So everyday I take sometime for myself.
I am very careful with my diet trying really hard to eat to get to 10 different portions of fruit/ veg a day, good quality protein at every meal, reducing meat consumption etc. I am much better when I keep caffeine consumption down so I limit myself to two caffeinated coffees a day and one tea. I have one decaf coffee and green tea the rest of the time.
I accept that if my work is busy and stressful I can do less in my personal life etc.

KittyB52 Thu 30-May-19 23:07:44

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have started taking hydroxycholoroquine, which I understand can take quite a while to take effect. I am not feeling too bad pain wise but I am suffering with fatigue and brain fog. I look after DD during the day and work part time, doing much of the work in the evenings, but I am tired and my concentration is suffering. I am getting anxious about not getting work done.

Will the medication have any effect on this? If not, is there anything else that might help?

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