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swimming and nappy rash????

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CakeandFineWine Sat 21-Jul-07 21:34:01

Hi all

My dd (13 months)has really bad nappy rash i think she has a molar coming through, bless her.

It was really raw but now it doesn't look as though there is any broken skin as such.

Anyway was going to take her swimming in the morning. Is it still OK to go? Or will it make it worse or hurt her?

Any experiences?

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 21-Jul-07 21:38:16

i dont think it will hurt her, but it may look a bit pinker afterwards for a bit i would imagine.
i took ds1 with mild nappy rash.

CakeandFineWine Sat 21-Jul-07 21:38:55

Thank you LadyOfTheFlowers x

Jojay Sat 21-Jul-07 21:47:17

My ds has nappy rash at the moment. Took him swimming yesterday, adn it didn't make it any worse, or better!

CakeandFineWine Sat 21-Jul-07 21:50:30

Thank you Jojay
Shes never had it really before. Esp not like this.
Think I will take her she seem to enjoy to SO much

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