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Calcific tendinitis

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Hever Wed 29-May-19 20:59:07

I am due to have a procedure to remove calcification in my rotator cuff and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of it as on googling it there really isn't much information from people who have had this done.. It's called barbotage not I think it's also known as lavage or aspiration of calcium deposits.

Really hope to find out how painful or not it is. I was in so much pain and they gave me a cortisone injection which I found quite painful when they injected it so I'm hoping this procedure won't be as painful now iv a bit of relief from the pain x

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LarkDescending Thu 30-May-19 11:59:05

My sympathies - the pain of calcific tendinitis can be horrendous. I had more invasive treatment for my first bout (surgery under GA) but it was well worth it.

The second time, 7 years later, I didn’t know I had it until the resorption phase, which was so agonising that I cried in the clinic!

No experience of barbotage but it has a good reputation of providing relief and I hope it works well for you.

Hever Fri 31-May-19 10:23:42

Thank you so much for your response... I couldn't believe the pain from it I literally just spent the first week of it crying. Thankfully the cortisone injection has really helped so I'm a little scared that the barbotage is going to set it off again. I must be in the reabsorption phase now myself.. There really isn't alot of information on the Internet about it either which is frustrating. So glad you are pain free now tho x

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LarkDescending Fri 31-May-19 12:45:07

My surgeon said he can diagnose this just from seeing the patient weeping in the waiting room! It is notoriously painful. I hope you get the relief you need - but do keep complaining if you don’t. Even after surgery I needed an ultrasound-guided steroid injection a few weeks later to really finish it off.

Hever Tue 11-Jun-19 10:06:45

I could believe that... U feel lik you are constantly holding ur shoulder or rubbing it but gives no relief... I'm having the calcium removed today so nervous bit hopeful it wil sort the problem out ☺

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