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Is this just a callus or something worse?

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MsHopey Wed 29-May-19 06:43:10

Kind of gross, but I've never had cracked heels or anything similar.
I was in the hospital 4 weeks ago having my son, so I'm a little bit worried I've caught some kind of foot/skin infection, or if its just a bit of cracked and hard skin.
It's a bit painful and theres some bleeding.
I cant say I look at my feet particularly regularly and only noticed it this morning because of the pain.
Have I caught some nasty skin infection? Or is it just a callus?
I did have gestational diabetes which worries me incase its escalated into type 2 diabetes which is causing the foot issues.
Any ideas anyone?

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MrsMozartMkII Wed 29-May-19 06:45:06

I'd go see at least the practice nurse, just to check on it at least.

orangeshoebox Wed 29-May-19 06:46:28

go call your gp.
ask if you can self refer to a podiatrist.

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