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Lump in throat

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Unsure701 Tue 28-May-19 20:13:38

Sometimes when I eat, often the evenings I will have a lump feeling in the left side of my throat. Googled it and it could be something to with anxiety? But I’m unsure if I have anxiety
Haven’t been eating as much lately as I’ve been feeling sick/ full when I eat sometimes and it’s probably not wise to force it
Asking for any advice as there’s a long list on my editing list for gp
Lost a bit of weight since I last weighed myself, which was a while ago to be honest, and since I last weighed I have started a feirly active job
My diet hasn’t been the greatest ever either
But now I’m not eating as much because this lump concerns me, and the full feeling I’m a bit worried
The lump isn’t every time is usually evenings after or during eating
And I know I’m hungry etc but eat and get kinda full :/
Any help would be appreciated

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SeaToSki Wed 29-May-19 01:48:21

Look up goitre. Its quite common and easily treated.

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