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Mouth ulcers

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ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Tue 28-May-19 08:54:57

My gp has been useless. They are almost constant, huge and painful.

Anyone found a magic cure?

I was recently told by someone that they can be caused by a deficiency (vit D or B, they couldn't remember..). And am injection could have relieve them..

I thought I'd ask you wiser MNers.

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Xyzzzzz Tue 28-May-19 08:59:34

Try swapping your toothpaste I use sensodyne and they reduced massively

Also avoid acidity foods such as oranges etc, try having more yogurts

ValleyoftheHorses Tue 28-May-19 09:02:23

Ask for a referral to oral medicine for investigation.

Ash39 Tue 28-May-19 09:08:51

See your dentist for advice. They are a bit more up to date than gps. Ultimately you can be referred to oral
Medicine if necessary.

Tarrarra Tue 28-May-19 09:16:40

Interestingly mine have disappeared since I found out I was folate deficient and started on high dose supplements. They are an indication that something is not right. Change your toothpaste first, if that doesn't work then ask for a blood test to rule out any deficiency in iron, b vits, folate etc. Do you have any other symptoms?

Ash39 Tue 28-May-19 09:38:33

They aren't always an indication that something isn't right. Unfortunately a percentage of those that have recurring aphthous ulcers, a cause can not be found. There can be a genetic link.

Whilst it is important to rule out all possible causes, as above, it's also worth noting that a cause may not be found. You would then need to focus on treatment and management

Sarcelle Tue 28-May-19 09:44:58

I used to get these, every day, huge, painful, could only drink room temperature water and had to watch what I ate because of the pain. Over the counter treatments did not work. One of my friends was reading a book about the stomach and it referenced bad gut bacteria brought on a range of ailments and mouth ulcers was one of the symptoms. They recommended taking a probiotic, so I did. It worked almost immediately and haven't had one since. This must have been over 10 years now.

My probiotic of choice these days is Viridian Daily. However you could try Yakhult Light to get you started, it's the blue capped one in the chiller near the milk!

itbemay1 Tue 28-May-19 09:48:23

Ask for a coeliac blood test, they should have done this anyway

SpideyMom Tue 28-May-19 11:40:47

Difflam is the only thing I have found that helps when I get mouth ulcers. I get them all over my mouth at the same time and stop me from eating and drinking the pain is so bad

BusterGonad Wed 29-May-19 06:37:04

You need some bloods done, they can be a sign of IBD.

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Wed 29-May-19 07:50:35

Some brilliant advice. Thank you so much. Don't ever have the same toothpaste twice. Maybe I should pay attention to if that makes a difference.
I'll also get the gp to do a blood test.

Thank you smile

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MardyLardy Wed 29-May-19 07:52:40

Also tried all of the above and was about managing them when we tried L-Lysine - an absolute bloody miracle. They aren’t a problem any more -it was actually life changing

hinely Wed 29-May-19 07:54:18

I get them when stressed or from eating too many sweets or citrus fruit. I find Cordysol or the cheaper equivalent that Superdrug sells helps to shorten their duration.

BusterGonad Wed 29-May-19 08:03:47

Cordysol stains your teeth!

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