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I'll admit it - I'm getting a bit fed up

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ladylush Sat 21-Jul-07 01:08:45

Found out last week that my 12 week pregnancy had failed (3rd pg to fail in past 18 mths)so had to have ERPC. Prior to this I got a nasty upper respiratory tract infection whilst on holiday but couldn't take anything for it as was stil pregnant. Anyway, finally went to see the gp about it and was px penicillin. Been on it for 24 hours, sinusitis getting worse and now have a dodgy tummy (side effects of penicillin). On top of this I am now starting to bleed heavily which has pissed me off as I thought the bleeding was tailing off. I feel very sorry for myself

dandycandyjellybean Sat 21-Jul-07 09:05:19

So sorry hun, no experience of your probs, but it all sounds very horrible. no wonder you're feeling sorry for yourself! Bumping for more sympathy for you .

snowwonder Sat 21-Jul-07 09:09:04

oh you poor thing,

hope things start to look up for you soon

try to stay positive and hopeful....

ladylush Sat 21-Jul-07 12:04:46

Thank you Doesn't seem quite so grim this morning but head still pounding and I've never had so much cattarh in my life (sorry if tmi).

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